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Monday, August 30, 2010

Ubuntu VS Windows

What do you use?

Comparisons between the operating systems Windows and Ubuntu, is a lengthy topic of discussion in the PC industry. From the beginning of systems with Windows 9x to disposal of the recent Windows 7, Windows has been maintaining an extremely high percentage of sales, compared to other operating systems for personal use. On the other hand, Ubuntu has maintained its status as the most popular distribution of Linux on desktop systems.

The Ubuntu Linux and Microsoft Windows have important differences in philosophy, cost, versatility and stability, with each trying to constantly improve the vulnerable points. Comparisons between the two systems tend to be based roots, historical use, and models on the market. Typical weaknesses are often mentioned include inadequate familiarize consumers with Linux systems and on the other hand, the vulnerability of Windows to viruses and malware.

From a personal perspective and experience, you which one would you choose?

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