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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Intel has introduced optical data transmission in a computer

The department of research and development of Intel completed the first stage of a new method of data transmission, which differs from existing technology at a very basic point. While so far the data transmission was via electrical signals, the new method uses the Intel's optical technology of lasers to transfer data from one place to another computer.

Intel has made a first demonstration of the optical connection from silicone to silicone, recording speeds of about 50 Gbps, the data can travel over distances much greater than it was allowed by current technology using copper. The device presented by Intel is a chip that makes the transmission by combining four laser beams of 12,5 Gbps on a single chip and receiving data, and splits the single beam into four components at directing light sensors that convert an electrical signal.

This new technology, which Intel calls the Silicon Photonics Link, is not ready yet for commercial consumption. The development continues to increase the speed at 1 Tbps.

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