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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Google is preparing its response to Facebook

In recent days a rumor is circulating that Google wants to negotiate a new online service that will have an extremely ambitious and difficult task. Information refer to the service Google Me, which will strive to become the rival of awe Facebook. The rumor first appeared in Twitter and has since attracted the attention of thousands of people.

The tweet that put the wicks belongs to Kevin Rose of Digg, which relies on a non-named "source of high reliability. Shortly after the tweet in question was deleted, Rose claimed that "he was asked to erase it." Another "reliable" source reportedly gave this information to Adam D'Angelo, former CTO of Facebook.

The rumored service is expected to be much more complex than Google Buzz, which is integrated into Gmail and gives the user options press Twitter. The details remain unknown, but sources insist that it occur "very soon".

It is not the first time that Google is trying to get into the social networking space. In 2004 the department has Orkut, but it had become very popular not only in Brazil and India. It remains to be seen whether Google Me will have better luck.

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