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Friday, August 27, 2010

IBM announced the fastest processor in the world

The quad-core desktop PC with an operating frequency above 3.0GHz considered for some time high-performance products, but the processor has just announced that IBM is giving new meaning to the word "speed." The innovative company has the technical specifications of the z196, with new quad-core processor (default) frequency of operation is set at unrealistic levels of 5.2GHz.

Thus, the z196 is automatically designated as the fastest processor in the world, taking the crown from the IBM Power6 4.7GHz. The z196 has no more, no less, 1.4 billion transistors, or about 300 million more than the exapyrinous processors from Intel. All this in an area of 512 square millimeters, made using the technology of 45 nanometers.

Each core has 1.5MB L2 cache and the shared L3 eDRAM cache has a capacity of 24MB. It is not, so the possibilities of the new processor that IBM has decided to add and L4 cache, which connects different processors in a multi-chip module (MCM). We are talking about a common L4 cache capacity 192MB, through liaison with speed 40GB per second.

Of course, this processor is not addressed in the mainstream market and will contribute the exclusive mainframes to IBM. The price has not been announced yet, but I will move the region of hundreds of thousands of euros less per item.

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