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Monday, August 30, 2010

Acer: Chrome OS netbook

Rumors say Acer has already set a new netbook, which incorporates the functional Google, Chrome OS.

In the race for what manufacturer will first release a netbook, which runs the operating system of Google, Chrome OS, Acer seems to be the first.

According to rumors that have circulated on the Internet, Acer has already prepared a new device, while at this stage is testing the compatibility and performance with the Chrome OS.

As reports say the upcoming Acer's netbook is equipped with processor Intel, Atom N455, at 1,6 GHz, while RAM reaches 1GB. Furthermore, Acer has chosen not to have a hard drive and to put a SSD of Sandisk, capacity of 8GB.

Other features will include a wired network card, Bluetooth, light sensor, web camera and wireless network card.

Acer is expected to make a formal announcement of the upcoming netbook, which is estimated to go into production until the end of September.

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