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Friday, August 27, 2010

The new iphone 4

Iphone 4 will be the best iphone ever. it is 24% slimmer and has over 100 more features than the earlier model. Including the possibility to video call, HD videos, camera 5Megapixel, Illuminated Sensor, 1,75 micron pixel size, 5x Digital Zoom, Tap Autofocus and LED Flash. Moreover, its denser and brighter screen that has never been put on a mobile phone, with a resolution 960 × 640 pixel, while the huge battery, allowing it to operate for 40% more time! And all this with smaller external dimensions and a thickness of less than 1 / 100, a feature which makes it the thinnest smartphone in the world! iPhone 4, is one of the most innovative achievements in the field of mobile phones and has already created a new wave of fanatical users. The Public stores are still at the heart of technology and expect the public to get acquainted and get it.

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