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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ESET: New speeds on the scan speed of digital files

Significant increase of 30% of the speed of the machine scanning for viruses, conducted by ESET Setting new data in the process of scanning electronic files with a view to identify malicious software.

More specifically, the software upgrade ESET NOD 32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security derived significant benefits, such as increasing the scanning speed record by 29%, aid in the speed-up and restart the system by 53%, as well as download speeds increase by 46%.

Cyberoam: Entering the Wi-Fi security world

Wireless device CR15wi, which includes integrated wireless access point, compatible with 802.11 n / b / g, MIMO technology, which supports up to eight different wireless networks, has been introduced by Cyberoam. The device is suitable for protecting small businesses, remote offices, and public wireless networks.

Gigabyte Technology: provides rapid charging via USB port for iPhone4 holders

The ability of technology ""On / Off Charge" to work with the new portable iPhone4 of Apple was announced by the Gigabyte Technology group.
Indeed, thanks to the latest technology ensuring fast charging of iPhone, iPad iPod Touch via a USB port on a computer whether it works or is turned off .

Movie rentals via YouTube

The issue seems to "freeze" the last time, but in the background there are feverish consultations between Google and major movie studios of Hollywood.

The latter scenario indicates that users can rent new movies on DVD over $ 5. With this amount, Google will promote the movie on the user's computer through streaming. The price is said to be valid for a new DVD. Apparently, for older movies the cost will be lower.

Google remains silent and does not confirm or contradict the information. Of course, this is quite normal in cases where the talks are ongoing.

While rumors are unfounded and if everything goes in smoothly, the new service should be expected before the end of 2010.

Sony launches a battle against the PS3 Jailbreak

A few days ago, it was announced that an Australian was able to break PlayStation 3, thus paving the way for copied games console from Sony. This method is very simple to implement and enforce, and quite logically attracted the attention of many holders of PlayStation 3.

The "break" for PS3 is a USB dongle, which in a few days sold in Australia over $ 170. Sony of course initiated immediately legal actions. The company won a court decision which puts a temporary brake on the sale of the so-called PS Jailbreak.

The follow-up in court rooms in Australia, which will determine the future of the disputed USB dongle at the planned hearing. Sony may win a battle, but it is not certain to win the war. The upcoming months will show if the "break" can survive and spread through the channels, which can not be controlled, such as the network BitTorrent.

Better filtering for Gmail

Google is currently testing a new feature that aims to simplify the management of the inbox in Gmail. Our engineers have developed a set of algorithms that try to separate the important email from the others, thus giving the user the ability to focus directly to those messages that require immediate reading and replying.

New technology detects information as to what messages are sent more often to the user, what messages the user usually answers, etc. Based on these data, it separates the incoming in "significant" and "all others".

Of course, the filters have the ability to learn and take into account the movements made by the user and from the "important" messages.

Google says that the tests are very encouraging. We do not know yet when this feature will be incorporated into all accounts.

Rootkit on the rise that "hits" the 64-bit versions of Windows

With 64-bit versions of Windows 7 becoming more popular, it was a matter of time to develop malware. The well-known rootkit Alureon returns severe, with a special version for the 64-bit versions of the most popular operating system in the world. Under our present data, the new Alureon has already started attacking.

The rootkit installs a modified MBR (master boot record) which forces Windows to restart. When activated the MBR, the Alureon loads the kernel before they can put into effect any defenses. As the company PrevX, the "mutant" rootkit is currently beta, and unable to function in all tests conducted in laboratory conditions.

The 64-bit versions of Windows have always been an added protection against the rootkits and other malware, due to the different memory management. However, the emergence of new threats specific to the 64-bit versions aside, in practice, so far benefit.

Intel is getting ready for the smartphones market

This week's agreement between Intel and Infineon, to acquire the wireless technology of the second with 1.4 billion dollars. Intel will pay full amount in cash and the transaction is expected to be completed by March. What, though, is the reason that led Intel to this buy?

Portable devices have two main functional areas within them. The application processor and baseband processor. The first is the hardware comprising the processor, GPU, memory and other key pieces of equipment - something like the northbridge of computers. The baseband processor is the part that assumes, among other things, to receive the analog signal from the antenna and to translate a signal to understand the application processor.

Intel has already expertise in the application processor, so far, but could not build baseband processors. The acquisition of Infineon serves precisely that purpose so the Intel completes the puzzle portable and can now compete directly with platforms ARM.

The new graphics card from AMD with dual-GPU

AMD announced the official release of new graphics card Radeon HD 5970.

In a ceremony held yesterday, AMD announced the worldwide availability of new dinuclear graphics card Hemlock, a series of HD.

The card has two 725MHz Cypress RV870 cores on a single PCB (Printed Circuit Board), the Radeon HD 5970, which is currently the most powerful graphics card available in the market. The new product has the most features of the architecture used in the HD5870. This means that the card has 2x1600 compute shaders, 2x1GB GDDR5 to 1GHz (4GHz speed dynamic), HDMI, dual DL-DVI-I, mini DisplayPort, and incorporates technology Eyefinity. Also, the new model incorporates technology DirectX 11.

This card, however, might be a real challenge for system builders, since the length reaches 33.02 cm.

Innovation at MIT in batteries

An innovation at MIT will allow the creation of lithium-ion batteries, which may well be lighter, and will be recharged in seconds.

The technology developed by scientists at MIT, allowing to quickly reload the future lithium-ion batteries for devices such as mobile phones.

The lithium-ion batteries are widely used in portable electronic devices because they have the capacity to store large amounts of energy. The downside, however, is that it takes many hours to recharge them, which is mostly annoying especially for people who move constantly.

A team of scientists at MIT, led by Professor Gerbrand Cedar, discovered that the lithium ions, which carry energy in the battery can deliver faster when aligned with tunnels that are accessible from the surface of the battery.

It is possible to rearrange the surface of the battery to allow lithium ions to move faster across the surface. A model recently developed battery may recharge in less than 20 seconds.

The cell phone that recharges itself ...

Nokia announced a standard mobile phone, which charges wirelessly through a unique system that converts radio waves into energy.

Technology has made great strides in recent years regarding the development of systems for wireless charging of portable devices. While being able to charge laptops and mobile phones without cables, may seem decades away, it may be closer than you think.

Nokia has recently made some small but important steps in this direction, with the invention of a unique system for wireless charging. The device collects radio waves from the air, which translates into energy that can be used for filling the battery.

And while the "traditional" wireless power systems are designed with a special design to have an integrated transmitter and receiver, it is not quite clear how that system takes the Nokia wireless waves. According to the company, televisions, radios and mobile phones emit waves that spread in the air and that are largely absorbed from the environment. The system of tracks from Nokia collected by these waves and uses the concentrated electromagnetic energy to create electricity. In turn, the electricity generated is used to recharge the battery.

Electromagnetic energy does not produce enough energy to meet the needs of a house, but enough to keep your phone "live".

At present, Nokia is able to obtain 5 milliwatts from the air. The aim is that soon the number will increased to 20 milliwatts and in the future to 50 milliwatts. Even this amount, however, would not be enough to keep the unit active during a call. Despite these efforts, a state stanby will be able to charge the battery cell and theoretically have infinite energy.

Nokia is hoping that this technology will be commercially available within 3-5 years.

Finally the end of the power supply cable from Sony

Standard power supply system from Sony can supply electricity to a TV remotely!

In the first test made by Sony, the 22-inch LCD TV can receive power supply 100 volt-meter distance.

Of course, the operation of wireless power transmission is still at an early stage. This presents problems and limitations that have to do mainly with the adequacy of the system and the distance.

More specifically, Sony device has sufficient equal to 80%. This means that 20% of energy is lost during transport.

However, consumers will wait some time to get rid of the wires for electricity. The announcement was made by Sony for an experimental model designed course, even without enabling the company itself to predict when we will have the final commercial application of this technology.

Uncertain is the future of Wikipedia

Fears about the state of the encyclopaedic site fester and 49,000 volunteer editors are leaving the popular website.

The free online encyclopedia is one of the most popular sites worldwide, with more than 325 million hits a month. The material from the Wikipedia is volunteer work, people who create the pages and check data.

However, the English version of the site suffered a serious setback after approximately 49 000 volunteer editors left the online encyclopedia just the first quarter of 2009. According to university research in the same period of 2008 this figure was significantly lower after touching at its 4900 volunteers.

It is believed that this is the result of increased bureaucracy in order to avoid errors - such as the death of Senator Edward Kennedy announced prematurely.

The Wikipedia was founded in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and has managed to become the fifth most popular site worldwide. The site allows registered users to configure alerts, which often leaves room for exploitation.

The researcher Felipe Ortega, University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, found that thousands of Wikipedia editors are not longer involved with the content of this site. Ortega said that "if there are not enough people to work on it, then the future of this site may be uncertain. Articles no longer controlled, makes the process of adding new material more difficult.

The thinest LCD screen of the world

LG Display has developed a standard LCD panel for televisions, which is less than one fourth the thickness of the currently available panel of the company. The new screen will make it possible for manufacturers to create even thinner TV but plans for mass production have not been announced yet.

The 42-inch screen, which is still not a finished product is only 2.6 mm thick. This is half the thickness of the previous standard panel of the company, which was unveiled in May and had a thickness of 5.9 mm. The thinnest TV's is 11.9 mm.

The LCDs require a source, which illuminates the displayed image. This is provided through a backlight panel that is placed on the back of the screen. The thickness of television increases, so the LG Display multiple LED lights are placed around the edges of the screen to light up the panel. The final product goes longer and taller, but the thickness is reduced significantly.

The LG Display should show a new screen at the upcoming International Exhibition consumer electronics, CES, which will be held in Las Vegas in early January.

Monday, August 30, 2010

3D graphics for Firefox

Researchers develop 3D graphics in Firefox using XML3D.

A team of researchers plans to make a version of the popular browser Mozilla, which will include built-in viewing three-dimensional graphics. Researchers expected to open the door to create more interactive Web pages.

Some gaming companies have created plug-ins, which enable the viewing of 3D graphics, but this method does not require this. There are two ways to play a three-dimensional image on a screen with two dimensions: the rasterazation and real-time ray tracing *. What did the researchers is that soon developed software to play real-time ray tracing, which support and Contemporary, faster processors.

Thus, integrated technology real-time ray tracing, called RT Fact, in Firefox and Webkit, the rendering engine for browsers like Safari and Chrome.

As a spokesperson for the group of researchers said, "by integrating HTML, means that any Web developer can apply all its expertise in 3D".

The researchers plan to offer a version of Firefox with technology RT Fact, but they first needed permission from the Mozilla case to name the browser Firefox.

Facebook is more popular than email

According to research firm Statistics Nielsen Online,Facebook, MySpace and Twitter were proved more popular than email.

This means that two thirds of Internet users prefer to communicate through "community members" as those characterized by Nielsen, rather than by sending email.

The survey also showed that mobile phones have contributed significantly to the spread of social networking as a distinct trend of increasing access to and use of social networks through their mobile devices because of the ease of use and geographic freedom they offer.

Finally, Nielsen Online survey shows this trend to extend the phenomenon to an even greater share of global population and will begin to affect significantly the consumer culture, of course, already showing signs of adjusting to the digital times.

Thunderbird 2 Released

Mozilla released the final version 2.0 of the program receiving and sending email, Thunderbird.

The new integrated version of the application (which was released prior and beta), is accompanied by several new features, which are worth trying. The most impressive of these is the message tagging for labeling your messages, and the ability to save the searches you do. Also, the integration of the Mac and special services of Gmail will help many users.

Reading and organizing email using sophisticated methods, which can be configured by the user, who can listen to music and even directly from the Inbox. Finally, security is strengthened to protect the identity of both sender and recipient.

Playstation: "What do the symbols on the controller mean"

According to the controller design the controller for the Playstation by Sony, symbols located on the controller is not accidental.

Teiyu Goto, the man who designed the original Playstation and controls, explains that the iconic symbol keys of the controller were not chosen arbitrarily, but have their own importance.

"Other gaming companies at the time, provided letters of the alphabet or colors on the keys. We wanted something simple and easy for a user to remember, so we chose to use icons or symbols. For this reason I thought an appropriate choice would be a combination triangle-circle-X-box.

Gave meaning to each symbol and color. The triangle refers to the angle. I asked him to represent one's head or the direction and painted green. The square refers to a piece of paper. This represents a menu or files. The circle and X represent "yes" or "no" decision making, and I did red and blue.

Microsoft: "Do not wait for Windows 7 SP1 to come out soon"

The availability of Service Pack 1 beta for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 has left many to believe that the integrated version will be ready soon. The Microsoft, however, has other plans
According to reports released earlier this week, the Service Pack 1 beta for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 is available as a trial version, which left many users expect that the official SP1 will be available soon.
It appears, however, this assumption is untrue, since according to a blog post that hanging Windows Team Blog «The Windows 7 SP1 will be available in the first half of 2011. Company spokesman said that "for Windows 7, the SP1 is just a combination of upgrades that are already available through Windows Update and other corrective.
According to Microsoft, the SP1 will contain only two major upgrades, but would not affect most users. The first of the two is RemoteFX, a product requires Windows Server 2008 R2 that can be used. The RemoteFX allows users to view high quality video and no interaction with 3D applications.
The second feature is an upgrade for the HyperV To the Windows Server 2008 R2, called «Direct Memory». This feature is what indicates its name. The «Direct Memory» identify dynamic memory to virtual systems as required and may be removed from virtual memory systems when others need more sources.

New VirtualBox 2.0 Released

Sun has released a major upgrade of VirtualBox, a free application that allows users to run an OS inside another. The VirtualBox 2.0 runs on Mac, Linux and Windows and allows you to run a "guest" operating system "home" of your PC.

For example, if you have Linux, but sometimes you can use any Windows application that is not performing well under Wine (open source application for the use of Windows programs which are not installed), you can load and run VirtualBox to Windows.

The latest upgrade provides improved performance for systems with AMD processors and support 64 bit host. The VirtualDisk 2.0 adds additional support for versions Ubuntu 8.10 and Fedora 9 Linux.

Ubuntu VS Windows

What do you use?

Comparisons between the operating systems Windows and Ubuntu, is a lengthy topic of discussion in the PC industry. From the beginning of systems with Windows 9x to disposal of the recent Windows 7, Windows has been maintaining an extremely high percentage of sales, compared to other operating systems for personal use. On the other hand, Ubuntu has maintained its status as the most popular distribution of Linux on desktop systems.

The Ubuntu Linux and Microsoft Windows have important differences in philosophy, cost, versatility and stability, with each trying to constantly improve the vulnerable points. Comparisons between the two systems tend to be based roots, historical use, and models on the market. Typical weaknesses are often mentioned include inadequate familiarize consumers with Linux systems and on the other hand, the vulnerability of Windows to viruses and malware.

From a personal perspective and experience, you which one would you choose?

The most popular applications on Android, iPhone and Blackberry

According to a survey conducted recently, users of smartphones love applications like Facebook, maps and weather forecast.

Applications can be downloaded and iPhone users are literally thousands. Whether you want to see the weather, play a game or learn a foreign language, there is a similar application for payment or free.

And while Apple is known for its mobile applications, Blackberry and Android also offer a wide range of applications that are available. As expected, the smartphones will continue to inundate the mobile market, so it is natural to see significant growth and "small" applications.

The survey, conducted over 30 days and 4200 people shows that the average amount of applications that a user downloads a month are:

Android: 22
Blackberry: 10
iPhone: 37
Palm: 14
Windows Mobile: 13

The games are the most popular applications that users download - free or not.
Facebook, Google Maps and weather forecasts are also the most popular downloads
After ranking in the markets are particularly Amazon and eBay while popular applications are those aimed at music lovers, like iTunes, Pandora and Sirius XM.

Blu-ray Drive 128GB!

Apparently, the Blu-ray discs will grow more in size, following the announcement that the 128GB Blu-ray disc is now a reality.

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has named the oversized disc DBXL, and intends to provide two versions of this, a triple-layer 100GB and a quad, size 128GB. In this phase, the use of these discs is mainly for file storage and not film.

As now, the Blu-ray discs have either one or two layers, while the capacity of them are 25GB and 50GB respectively. And although the BDA has perfected the requirements for BDXL, the actual discs will not be marketed directly.

Also, while these older Blu-ray discs offer immense storage space, there are few Blu-ray drives that could read discs more than two layers. This means that users will have to wait long enough to see such a player.

Sony Playstation 3: "3D gaming only at 720p"

Sony announced that the popular console will support 3D gaming, but up to 720p.

As shown recently, Sony makes grandiose plans in relation to the popular 3D gaming console, Playstation 3. Unfortunately, according to a statement recently made by the company, these projects will not include 1080p 3D, since Sony will reduce 3D games at 720p.

The PS3 has the ability to display content in 1080p 3D, since this is one of the key features for viewing 3D blu-ray movies. However, Sony claims that 1080p 3D would be an exaggeration, so decided to keep the games at 60 frames per second (60fps).

But according to reports, when a game runs at 60fps and stereo 3D, the result is the same hardware as if it runs at 120fps, or more correctly to 60fps x2.

Same time, Sony was quick to clarify that it applies only to 3D gaming and the Playstation 3 is not in any way affect viewing Blu-ray 3D film, which will run normally at 1080p.

YouTube: "Here comes 4.096p"

YouTube makes steady progress in its path to the future with the support of 4K content

As announced by the website, this season will belong to the past soon after planning to do with steady steps, passing in the future.

During the conference, VidCon 2010, YouTube announced its official support for video, which recorded an analysis 4K. The 4K refers to the length of videos, which have a resolution of 4.096 x 2.304 pixels. Thus, the most famous video site in the world, now offers an analysis that ranges from "360p up to 4.096p".

Although people who have access to 4K cameras or projectors, are minimal, due to the very high cost, the fact remains that YouTube made a big step forward by setting up this new analysis.

Provided you have Internet access at high enough speed, you can enjoy yourself new video in 4K in this list.

Microsoft: Integrating Facebook chat on Messenger

The company announced that it will provide a new upgrade, which will allow the integration of Facebook chat on popular Messenger.

Microsoft has announced an update available for Windows Live Essentials 2011 Beta, which will offer upgrades such as introduction of Facebook chat on Messenger, video chat, face recognition and integration with Office.

The company says that more than 3 million users have tried the beta version of the new upcoming Messenger and the information gathered helped to establish the appropriate software, which is called Wave 4 Beta.

Perhaps the most important feature will be the integration of Facebook chat on Messenger, the synergies between users of social networking site and online applications from Microsoft. As a spokesperson for the company said, "Many of you were asking us about Facebook chat, and finally we made it a reality. With the inclusion of Messenger we will have the opportunity to speak now with all your friends, through a single application".

Other features include:

Faster Messenger: has greatly improved the time required to make sign-in, update your contacts and social feeds.

Better quality in video chat: The Messenger video chat will now use 30% less resources than the CPU, by creating more work on the GPU.

More efficient face recognition: the recognition of faces in Photo Gallery has improved significantly and responds quickly.

Better handling of Gmail: the Mail now automatically manages spam and trash folders.

HP: No Go for Windows Phone 7

HP has announced that from now on will use webOS operating on mobile devices, eliminating once and for all the Windows Phone 7.

HP has announced that from now on mobile phones is to integrate the operating webOS and not the Windows Phone 7. Naturally, the decision was not surprising as the Palm and webOS is now $ 1.2 billion "children" of HP.

In an interview given by a company spokeswoman said "we continue to be the largest customer of Microsoft. At the same time, however, the primary goal is to develop the webOS to eventually be the best operating on mobile phones to be placed on the market. "

Acer: Chrome OS netbook

Rumors say Acer has already set a new netbook, which incorporates the functional Google, Chrome OS.

In the race for what manufacturer will first release a netbook, which runs the operating system of Google, Chrome OS, Acer seems to be the first.

According to rumors that have circulated on the Internet, Acer has already prepared a new device, while at this stage is testing the compatibility and performance with the Chrome OS.

As reports say the upcoming Acer's netbook is equipped with processor Intel, Atom N455, at 1,6 GHz, while RAM reaches 1GB. Furthermore, Acer has chosen not to have a hard drive and to put a SSD of Sandisk, capacity of 8GB.

Other features will include a wired network card, Bluetooth, light sensor, web camera and wireless network card.

Acer is expected to make a formal announcement of the upcoming netbook, which is estimated to go into production until the end of September.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Google Realtime

Google has recently made a new service available through searches carried out in real time.

The company has recently allocated a new service, called Google Realtime, through which is feasible search results in real time.

The new unit is devoted to Google at this service (, users have the opportunity to get information, results are updated every minute from sites such as Facebook and Twitter .

The above site is of course still in its infancy but, as announced by Google expected soon to be completed.

A slap in the face for LimeWire by a court of the United States

Four years ago, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) filed suit in U.S. courts against LimeWire, accusing it of smuggling material protected by law. After a lengthy hearing, the court issued its final decision, which is a slap in the face for known file sharing service.

The judge Kimba Wood accepted the allegations RIAA, as seen from the grounds of conviction. Wood mentions that the creators of LimeWire really help users to violate copyright laws.

The fine will be too heavy and will probably exceed three million euros imposed by the Swedish justice on Pirate Bay a year ago.

Apple is committed to solving the problem of Wi-Fi in iPad

Only a few hours after placing iPad in the United States, many of those who rushed to buy Apple's new gadget reported with disappointment that the operation of Wi-Fi is not what one would expect. The problems is the difficulty of connection, frequent interruptions and low speeds. Even with delay, Apple now says it will solve the problem.

The company blamed the current router and not the Wi-Fi iPad. Among other things, they require users to change the security protocol in the device, get a new IP or to proceed with the firmware update that exists in the router.

Apple has recently announced that it intends to correct the problem. As the official company announcement, "a very small number of iPad reported problems with Wi-Fi. Apple will resolve the issue through a future software update to the iPad".

What it does not say, however, is when the company will release its controversial update. Until then, those problems should be content to existing guidance from Apple.

China puts an end to anonymity on the Internet

It has been known that the Chinese regime is doing all it can to verify the information placed on the Internet. The latest development has to do with a new law, which prohibits the anonymous commenter on any individual page. Thus, those who want to make comment on a news photo, etc. will be required to use their real name.

The new rules proposed by the head of intelligence of the country and expand the already strictly regulated in China. The authorities are now seeking an effective way to implement this idea. Under this scheme, the new legislation seeks to limit the spread of malicious information. However, it is clear that this is another move that restricts freedom of expression in the most populous country in the world.

China has taken several steps to create a stranglehold around the people. The recent revision of the law on internal security provides that ISPs are required to give information directly to the police for possible violations of law, even if there are only suspicions without evidence.

Google improves the YouTube player

Operators of YouTube recently moved into a highly successful lifting of the player we all know. With regard to infrastructure have not changed much, but the aesthetics and functionality of the new player has improved considerably. The first major change has to do with the bar timeline, which almost disappears a few seconds after the start of the video.

In this way, the user focuses on itself video content and does not distract the regional data. In this context, the bar for volume that appears when you pass the mouse over it now opens horizontally at the bottom of the player rather than upwards.

These changes are only a few weeks after the sweeping changes introduced in the pages of YouTube videos. Among other things, responsible for the service broke the scoring system with five stars and replaced them with simple thumbs-up and thumbs-down.

This change is phased in at all the videos and the process will be completed very soon.

OpenSolaris from Sun

Sun also announced that 1670 software patents directly related to Solaris will now be made available to the community of open-source. This ensures that users will be invited to make future payments to Sun for copyright infringement.
The license is called OpenSolaris Community Development and Distribution License, and is based on licensed Mozilla. This license requires those making changes to the source code of the operating make it available to all and allows those who develop their own systems based on source code but without the change not to publish the source code of their own programs .

YouTube: "HTML5 is good, but Flash is still necessary"

John Harding, software engineer of YouTube, recently expressed his admiration for HTML5, saying that the new platform has made great progress. However, Harding was quick to clarify that YouTube does not think to leave the Flash, and Adobe's technology still has advantages over HTML5, which make a difference.

First, Flash is required to embedding, and is currently the only way to port the ads and comments embedded in each video. Moreover, HTML5 has not yet solved all the issues he has with microphones and webcams, while scaling to full screen is not always smooth.

It will not be so easy for YouTube to go completely by the Flash in HTML5. Another big issue is that of video standards. This means that YouTube should also support both the H.264 wanted by Microsoft and Apple, and the WebM Google's an emerging power.

Risk of overheating in Sony notebooks

Sony has announced that some of its VAIO notebooks have been sold in 2010 may be at risk of overheating. The problem models are in the series F and C, most of which are available in Japan but there are lots of moving around in the world. The company says that so far there are 39 incidents of overheating.

The company says the problem is due to an error in the BIOS and is specific to the unity of power management. Some cases have confirmed that the warming was so intense that resulted in the deformation of the plastic on the outside of the computer.

Profits for Internet Explorer

According to the latest report by Net Applications, Internet Explorer is showing signs of recovery in the market for web browsers, for the first time after a very long time. As shown by data collected by the company's market share of Internet Explorer was 60.32% in June, increased by 0.57% over the figure in May.

History has shown that IE and Firefox follow lives opposite, so it's almost expected that the increase in IE involve reduction of the browser Mozilla. As shown by the data of Net Applications, Firefox fell from 24.32% to 23.81% by the end of May until the end of June. For other browsers they Chrome, which continues to grow and is located at 7.24%.

Despite the fact that the European Commission imposed the known ballot screen in Windows 7, appears finally that European Internet users rely on the IE. It is significant that the market share of Internet Exlporer in Europe increased about 1% last month.

Google is preparing its response to Facebook

In recent days a rumor is circulating that Google wants to negotiate a new online service that will have an extremely ambitious and difficult task. Information refer to the service Google Me, which will strive to become the rival of awe Facebook. The rumor first appeared in Twitter and has since attracted the attention of thousands of people.

The tweet that put the wicks belongs to Kevin Rose of Digg, which relies on a non-named "source of high reliability. Shortly after the tweet in question was deleted, Rose claimed that "he was asked to erase it." Another "reliable" source reportedly gave this information to Adam D'Angelo, former CTO of Facebook.

The rumored service is expected to be much more complex than Google Buzz, which is integrated into Gmail and gives the user options press Twitter. The details remain unknown, but sources insist that it occur "very soon".

It is not the first time that Google is trying to get into the social networking space. In 2004 the department has Orkut, but it had become very popular not only in Brazil and India. It remains to be seen whether Google Me will have better luck.

Steve Jobs: "We'll not see Blu-ray on the Mac"

There are few Mac users who want to incorporate at some point Blu-ray player on the computers from Apple. But it seems that this will never be, as is clear from recent correspondence of Steve Jobs. The strong man of the company responded to an email sent by MacRumors readers of this page and does not fit any misinterpretation.

Jobs said that Blu-ray begins to resemble a lot with aspiring successors to the CD appeared occasionally, and in the end are defeated by the Internet. Apple believes that the future of the videos are on the Internet, either free platforms (Hulu) or to rent content (iTunes). Concluding his thinking, he said that advances in technology and infrastructure will soon be able to complete dominance of high definition videos on the Internet.

You should, however, ignore the fact that fast connections are not given in all parts of the world and of course a movie on Blu-ray takes tens of gigabytes of data, so downloading it i s not a matter of a few minutes.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here comes a boom in the semiconductor market

According to analysts house IDC, the market for high technology can face the future with great optimism, and messages for the next few years are very encouraging. The slump of 2009 is over, and the estimates refer to a significant increase in revenues of companies that manufacture semiconductors, at least until 2014.

In particular, IDC predicts that the reduction in revenue of 9% recorded in 2009 will give this year's position a significant increase in expected revenue for the brands to reach 274 billion U.S. dollars. In two years the annual revenue is expected to reach 300 billion dollars, while the 2014 expected revenues are around 344 billion dollars. This is a result of double digit growth in several key areas, such as computers and smartphones.

Analysts argue that the crisis afflicting this time the Eurozone and the high unemployment rates in the U.S. may negatively affect the technology market by the end of this year. However, the situation will be normalized in 2011, but in any case, any loss in the Western world are offset by strong growth in Asia.

Announcing a new record of Facebook

It took about six months to climb the number of registered users from 400 million to 500. Of course, Facebook is by far the undisputed leader in social networks and continues to widen its base when the erstwhile competitive MySpace keeps losing users.

An experiment about the dangers of social networks

Thomas Ryan of the company Provide Security conducted a very interesting experiment to find how easily they can channel intelligence in social networks. Ryan allegedly created a profile of a 25 years girl named Robin Sage and began to run on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The results were very impressive and very instructive.

Ryan created the profile of Robin Sage using the photo of an attractive girl with a lot of knowledge in computers and giving as employers an information service of the U.S. Navy. In short, Ryan built a similar profile with that of Abby from the series NCIS. Then he started to work in three popular networks, making friends from military units, intelligence and other agencies related to national security.

In less than a month, Robin Sage has had over 200 friends in each network. Many new friends did not hesitate to share their personal information and photos, others invited her to various events, and some reached a point of sending official letters asking them to evaluate.

Ryan argues that the success of Robin Sage is mainly due to the fact that she is a 25 years old pretty girl. The findings will be presented next week for security event to be held in Las Vegas.

Apple, Google, HP, IBM and others are accused of stealing patent

The legal departments of leading high tech companies now have a new opponent in the face of a world unknown company. The InNova filed suit in the courts of Texas, accusing virtually the entire market for stealling patent on the filtering of spam emails, which secured 15 years ago by the founder.

Robert Uomini claims that at the time a patent Nos 6018761 is in existince to manage spam. The description of the patent states that this method separates the spam email from them wanted to be read by the current user. Uomini now argues that most companies have illegally copied its patent. Among other things, the lawsuit brought against Apple, Google, 3Com, HP, IBM, Yahoo, Research In Motion (RIM), Dell, Symantec, McAfee, Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson.

Obviously, InNova has put a bold target cash compensation. Certainly, it is easy to mess with the whole world, so if justified, InNova will be talking about a real victory of David against Goliath.

New version of Chrome every month and a half

The program manager of Google Anthony Laforge said through Chromium Blog that the company decided to introduce a new timetable for Chrome, presenting a new version of the well known browser every six weeks. If the design implemented directly by the end of 2010, Chrome will come in version 9. Note that this time the browser is Google's in version 5.

Laforge explains that there are three reasons to this decision. First, the faster timetable, Google wants to provide the public with new features as quickly as possible. Second, the tight shot leads to better management and leadership team will be able to do proper planning. Thirdly, this will reduce the stress levels of developers.

Certainly the latter raises a lot of debate. Google says that each version will incorporate the features that are ready and if some do not manage to get in, will be incorporated into the next. Laforge brought the example of the train. When you come by train, those passengers are receiving station. If anyone missed the train, the damage is negligible, because a few minutes later the next train comes.

Increasingly dangerous is the last security hole in Windows

I wrote a few days ago about a serious security hole in Windows that is associated with the operating system shortcuts. It appears that this "hole" Windows is becoming very popular with the public involved in creating malware. Recent days have found at least two new types of malware exploiting this loophole.

ESET has released figures for Chymine-A trojan, a keylogger to record keystrokes, and the Autorun-VB-RP worm renewed to use this space as a method of infection. In parallel, the Trend Micro warns that this hole can be a backdoor for many types of threats.

Microsoft has not released yet the relevant corrective patch. The fact that the security hole was found in the core makes it difficult to tackle it. The patch is not likely to be released on August 10th, so it will be the next monthly update package for Windows.

Intel limiting overclocking to Sandy Bridge

According to a document circulated on the Internet and attributed to Intel, the upcoming processors Sandy Bridge will have limited options overclocking. This, of course, is not in themselves features of the processors, but a conscious choice of Intel. The company chose to "tie" all the bus all the subsystems in an internal clock generator that gives the basic clock 100MHz.

Thus, the speed of CPU, USB, SATA, PCI, PCI-E and memory is resulting from their own internal clock. Of course, this means that any increase in internal clock affects all associated subsystems. According to some preliminary tests, even an increase in 5MHz base clock has the effect of putting off the USB ports and SATA.

This internal clock is embedded in the chipset P67 and apparently was chosen to reduce production costs and simplify the design of the parent. Please note that we normally support both the technology Turbo Boost, and increased frequency of the CPU Multiplier.

YouTube extends HTML5 to embedded videos

YouTube is currently running tests to further support the technology HTML5.
More specifically, the officers of Google are testing a new code to integrate into third pages (embed code), which will use either Flash, or HTML5, as appropriate. So far, the code used to integrate the videos based solely on Flash.

The new system uses iFrames and chooses Flash or HTML5 depending on the device and browser.

The new code would normally play embedded videos on YouTube and even iPhone. For now, only developers have access to the new code, which would normally be incorporated on YouTube sometime in the near future.

Intel has introduced optical data transmission in a computer

The department of research and development of Intel completed the first stage of a new method of data transmission, which differs from existing technology at a very basic point. While so far the data transmission was via electrical signals, the new method uses the Intel's optical technology of lasers to transfer data from one place to another computer.

Intel has made a first demonstration of the optical connection from silicone to silicone, recording speeds of about 50 Gbps, the data can travel over distances much greater than it was allowed by current technology using copper. The device presented by Intel is a chip that makes the transmission by combining four laser beams of 12,5 Gbps on a single chip and receiving data, and splits the single beam into four components at directing light sensors that convert an electrical signal.

This new technology, which Intel calls the Silicon Photonics Link, is not ready yet for commercial consumption. The development continues to increase the speed at 1 Tbps.

Known hacker arrested in Slovenia

The prosecuting authorities have arrested a 23 year-old Slovenian hacker, who allegedly is the developer that gave impetus to the botnet Mariposa, also known as Butterfly. This botnet was one of the largest in the world, managed to infect nearly 13 million computers around the world before the authorities manage to disarm it.

The botnet was designed to listen in personal information of an economic nature of unsuspecting users and computers located in banks. In December 2009, Spain arrested three men accused to be
responsible for the operation. According to authorities, the arrest of 23-year Iserdo in Slovenia is the most important development in the case.

Rik Ferguson of Trend Micro said that the condemnation of the botnet was the great success. "The advocates told him that he had more success than we expected. And like most botnets, the bigger they are, the easier it is to uncover," said Ferguson.

Absolute domination of Asia in Internet speed

The latest figures from the online giant AKAMAI affirm the primacy of the Asian countries on what to do with the speed of the Internet. Globally, the average speed Internet connection is just 1.7Mbps, despite advances in infrastructure and services in several countries. East Asia, however, is far from this average.

As usual, South Korea tops the list with an average speed of 12Mbps. Here in Hong Kong and Japan while Europe is represented in fourth place in Romania, with an average speed of 6.3Mbps. As for cities, the 20 fastest in the world are in Japan and South Korea, with the exception of Swedish Umea in position 18. Moreover, AKAMAI measured the actual speed mobile Internet service providers 109 and found speeds from 105kbps up to 7.2kbps. Surprisingly, both ends of the scale found in Slovakia. Finally, the company released its estimates of the malicious traffic that is sending data phishing and spamming. The honorary title is far from Russia, with 12% of worldwide malicious traffic coming from the largest in size in the world.