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Friday, August 27, 2010

1 in 4 computer worms spread out via usb stick

The technical director of PandaLabs, Luis Corrons, announced the findings of research on the spread of malware circulating at the moment.
According to the survey, approximately 25% of threats at this time to action are designed so as to be transmitted by devices connected to a USB port. One of the most familiar worms that are transmitted via USB is Stuxnet. Until a few weeks ago, this worm-and-operated not only undisturbed, and operated a fundamental defect in the Windows management system shortcuts (shortcuts). Basically, the worm infects a computer simply when the unsuspecting user opens a file manager and just sees the contents of the file. The Stuxnet automatically copies itself to the hard disk, without requiring the execution of a file.
Of course, transmission of malware via USB is not a new phenomenon. The virus Conficker used routinely to USB sticks to broadcast throughout the course of 2008. A fully updated antivirus and a lot of attention from the user's side are the best defenses against the threats. These two and timely action by Microsoft every time you discovered a security hole in Windows ...

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