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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Absolute domination of Asia in Internet speed

The latest figures from the online giant AKAMAI affirm the primacy of the Asian countries on what to do with the speed of the Internet. Globally, the average speed Internet connection is just 1.7Mbps, despite advances in infrastructure and services in several countries. East Asia, however, is far from this average.

As usual, South Korea tops the list with an average speed of 12Mbps. Here in Hong Kong and Japan while Europe is represented in fourth place in Romania, with an average speed of 6.3Mbps. As for cities, the 20 fastest in the world are in Japan and South Korea, with the exception of Swedish Umea in position 18. Moreover, AKAMAI measured the actual speed mobile Internet service providers 109 and found speeds from 105kbps up to 7.2kbps. Surprisingly, both ends of the scale found in Slovakia. Finally, the company released its estimates of the malicious traffic that is sending data phishing and spamming. The honorary title is far from Russia, with 12% of worldwide malicious traffic coming from the largest in size in the world.

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