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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here comes a boom in the semiconductor market

According to analysts house IDC, the market for high technology can face the future with great optimism, and messages for the next few years are very encouraging. The slump of 2009 is over, and the estimates refer to a significant increase in revenues of companies that manufacture semiconductors, at least until 2014.

In particular, IDC predicts that the reduction in revenue of 9% recorded in 2009 will give this year's position a significant increase in expected revenue for the brands to reach 274 billion U.S. dollars. In two years the annual revenue is expected to reach 300 billion dollars, while the 2014 expected revenues are around 344 billion dollars. This is a result of double digit growth in several key areas, such as computers and smartphones.

Analysts argue that the crisis afflicting this time the Eurozone and the high unemployment rates in the U.S. may negatively affect the technology market by the end of this year. However, the situation will be normalized in 2011, but in any case, any loss in the Western world are offset by strong growth in Asia.

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