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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Known hacker arrested in Slovenia

The prosecuting authorities have arrested a 23 year-old Slovenian hacker, who allegedly is the developer that gave impetus to the botnet Mariposa, also known as Butterfly. This botnet was one of the largest in the world, managed to infect nearly 13 million computers around the world before the authorities manage to disarm it.

The botnet was designed to listen in personal information of an economic nature of unsuspecting users and computers located in banks. In December 2009, Spain arrested three men accused to be
responsible for the operation. According to authorities, the arrest of 23-year Iserdo in Slovenia is the most important development in the case.

Rik Ferguson of Trend Micro said that the condemnation of the botnet was the great success. "The advocates told him that he had more success than we expected. And like most botnets, the bigger they are, the easier it is to uncover," said Ferguson.

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