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Monday, August 30, 2010

Playstation: "What do the symbols on the controller mean"

According to the controller design the controller for the Playstation by Sony, symbols located on the controller is not accidental.

Teiyu Goto, the man who designed the original Playstation and controls, explains that the iconic symbol keys of the controller were not chosen arbitrarily, but have their own importance.

"Other gaming companies at the time, provided letters of the alphabet or colors on the keys. We wanted something simple and easy for a user to remember, so we chose to use icons or symbols. For this reason I thought an appropriate choice would be a combination triangle-circle-X-box.

Gave meaning to each symbol and color. The triangle refers to the angle. I asked him to represent one's head or the direction and painted green. The square refers to a piece of paper. This represents a menu or files. The circle and X represent "yes" or "no" decision making, and I did red and blue.

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