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Monday, August 30, 2010

3D graphics for Firefox

Researchers develop 3D graphics in Firefox using XML3D.

A team of researchers plans to make a version of the popular browser Mozilla, which will include built-in viewing three-dimensional graphics. Researchers expected to open the door to create more interactive Web pages.

Some gaming companies have created plug-ins, which enable the viewing of 3D graphics, but this method does not require this. There are two ways to play a three-dimensional image on a screen with two dimensions: the rasterazation and real-time ray tracing *. What did the researchers is that soon developed software to play real-time ray tracing, which support and Contemporary, faster processors.

Thus, integrated technology real-time ray tracing, called RT Fact, in Firefox and Webkit, the rendering engine for browsers like Safari and Chrome.

As a spokesperson for the group of researchers said, "by integrating HTML, means that any Web developer can apply all its expertise in 3D".

The researchers plan to offer a version of Firefox with technology RT Fact, but they first needed permission from the Mozilla case to name the browser Firefox.

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