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Saturday, August 28, 2010

New version of Chrome every month and a half

The program manager of Google Anthony Laforge said through Chromium Blog that the company decided to introduce a new timetable for Chrome, presenting a new version of the well known browser every six weeks. If the design implemented directly by the end of 2010, Chrome will come in version 9. Note that this time the browser is Google's in version 5.

Laforge explains that there are three reasons to this decision. First, the faster timetable, Google wants to provide the public with new features as quickly as possible. Second, the tight shot leads to better management and leadership team will be able to do proper planning. Thirdly, this will reduce the stress levels of developers.

Certainly the latter raises a lot of debate. Google says that each version will incorporate the features that are ready and if some do not manage to get in, will be incorporated into the next. Laforge brought the example of the train. When you come by train, those passengers are receiving station. If anyone missed the train, the damage is negligible, because a few minutes later the next train comes.

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