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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Intel limiting overclocking to Sandy Bridge

According to a document circulated on the Internet and attributed to Intel, the upcoming processors Sandy Bridge will have limited options overclocking. This, of course, is not in themselves features of the processors, but a conscious choice of Intel. The company chose to "tie" all the bus all the subsystems in an internal clock generator that gives the basic clock 100MHz.

Thus, the speed of CPU, USB, SATA, PCI, PCI-E and memory is resulting from their own internal clock. Of course, this means that any increase in internal clock affects all associated subsystems. According to some preliminary tests, even an increase in 5MHz base clock has the effect of putting off the USB ports and SATA.

This internal clock is embedded in the chipset P67 and apparently was chosen to reduce production costs and simplify the design of the parent. Please note that we normally support both the technology Turbo Boost, and increased frequency of the CPU Multiplier.

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