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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Apple is committed to solving the problem of Wi-Fi in iPad

Only a few hours after placing iPad in the United States, many of those who rushed to buy Apple's new gadget reported with disappointment that the operation of Wi-Fi is not what one would expect. The problems is the difficulty of connection, frequent interruptions and low speeds. Even with delay, Apple now says it will solve the problem.

The company blamed the current router and not the Wi-Fi iPad. Among other things, they require users to change the security protocol in the device, get a new IP or to proceed with the firmware update that exists in the router.

Apple has recently announced that it intends to correct the problem. As the official company announcement, "a very small number of iPad reported problems with Wi-Fi. Apple will resolve the issue through a future software update to the iPad".

What it does not say, however, is when the company will release its controversial update. Until then, those problems should be content to existing guidance from Apple.

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