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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sony launches a battle against the PS3 Jailbreak

A few days ago, it was announced that an Australian was able to break PlayStation 3, thus paving the way for copied games console from Sony. This method is very simple to implement and enforce, and quite logically attracted the attention of many holders of PlayStation 3.

The "break" for PS3 is a USB dongle, which in a few days sold in Australia over $ 170. Sony of course initiated immediately legal actions. The company won a court decision which puts a temporary brake on the sale of the so-called PS Jailbreak.

The follow-up in court rooms in Australia, which will determine the future of the disputed USB dongle at the planned hearing. Sony may win a battle, but it is not certain to win the war. The upcoming months will show if the "break" can survive and spread through the channels, which can not be controlled, such as the network BitTorrent.

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