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Saturday, August 28, 2010

An experiment about the dangers of social networks

Thomas Ryan of the company Provide Security conducted a very interesting experiment to find how easily they can channel intelligence in social networks. Ryan allegedly created a profile of a 25 years girl named Robin Sage and began to run on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The results were very impressive and very instructive.

Ryan created the profile of Robin Sage using the photo of an attractive girl with a lot of knowledge in computers and giving as employers an information service of the U.S. Navy. In short, Ryan built a similar profile with that of Abby from the series NCIS. Then he started to work in three popular networks, making friends from military units, intelligence and other agencies related to national security.

In less than a month, Robin Sage has had over 200 friends in each network. Many new friends did not hesitate to share their personal information and photos, others invited her to various events, and some reached a point of sending official letters asking them to evaluate.

Ryan argues that the success of Robin Sage is mainly due to the fact that she is a 25 years old pretty girl. The findings will be presented next week for security event to be held in Las Vegas.

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