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Monday, August 30, 2010

The most popular applications on Android, iPhone and Blackberry

According to a survey conducted recently, users of smartphones love applications like Facebook, maps and weather forecast.

Applications can be downloaded and iPhone users are literally thousands. Whether you want to see the weather, play a game or learn a foreign language, there is a similar application for payment or free.

And while Apple is known for its mobile applications, Blackberry and Android also offer a wide range of applications that are available. As expected, the smartphones will continue to inundate the mobile market, so it is natural to see significant growth and "small" applications.

The survey, conducted over 30 days and 4200 people shows that the average amount of applications that a user downloads a month are:

Android: 22
Blackberry: 10
iPhone: 37
Palm: 14
Windows Mobile: 13

The games are the most popular applications that users download - free or not.
Facebook, Google Maps and weather forecasts are also the most popular downloads
After ranking in the markets are particularly Amazon and eBay while popular applications are those aimed at music lovers, like iTunes, Pandora and Sirius XM.

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