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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The thinest LCD screen of the world

LG Display has developed a standard LCD panel for televisions, which is less than one fourth the thickness of the currently available panel of the company. The new screen will make it possible for manufacturers to create even thinner TV but plans for mass production have not been announced yet.

The 42-inch screen, which is still not a finished product is only 2.6 mm thick. This is half the thickness of the previous standard panel of the company, which was unveiled in May and had a thickness of 5.9 mm. The thinnest TV's is 11.9 mm.

The LCDs require a source, which illuminates the displayed image. This is provided through a backlight panel that is placed on the back of the screen. The thickness of television increases, so the LG Display multiple LED lights are placed around the edges of the screen to light up the panel. The final product goes longer and taller, but the thickness is reduced significantly.

The LG Display should show a new screen at the upcoming International Exhibition consumer electronics, CES, which will be held in Las Vegas in early January.

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