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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Steve Jobs: "We'll not see Blu-ray on the Mac"

There are few Mac users who want to incorporate at some point Blu-ray player on the computers from Apple. But it seems that this will never be, as is clear from recent correspondence of Steve Jobs. The strong man of the company responded to an email sent by MacRumors readers of this page and does not fit any misinterpretation.

Jobs said that Blu-ray begins to resemble a lot with aspiring successors to the CD appeared occasionally, and in the end are defeated by the Internet. Apple believes that the future of the videos are on the Internet, either free platforms (Hulu) or to rent content (iTunes). Concluding his thinking, he said that advances in technology and infrastructure will soon be able to complete dominance of high definition videos on the Internet.

You should, however, ignore the fact that fast connections are not given in all parts of the world and of course a movie on Blu-ray takes tens of gigabytes of data, so downloading it i s not a matter of a few minutes.

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