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Monday, August 30, 2010

Sony Playstation 3: "3D gaming only at 720p"

Sony announced that the popular console will support 3D gaming, but up to 720p.

As shown recently, Sony makes grandiose plans in relation to the popular 3D gaming console, Playstation 3. Unfortunately, according to a statement recently made by the company, these projects will not include 1080p 3D, since Sony will reduce 3D games at 720p.

The PS3 has the ability to display content in 1080p 3D, since this is one of the key features for viewing 3D blu-ray movies. However, Sony claims that 1080p 3D would be an exaggeration, so decided to keep the games at 60 frames per second (60fps).

But according to reports, when a game runs at 60fps and stereo 3D, the result is the same hardware as if it runs at 120fps, or more correctly to 60fps x2.

Same time, Sony was quick to clarify that it applies only to 3D gaming and the Playstation 3 is not in any way affect viewing Blu-ray 3D film, which will run normally at 1080p.

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