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Monday, August 30, 2010

Microsoft: Integrating Facebook chat on Messenger

The company announced that it will provide a new upgrade, which will allow the integration of Facebook chat on popular Messenger.

Microsoft has announced an update available for Windows Live Essentials 2011 Beta, which will offer upgrades such as introduction of Facebook chat on Messenger, video chat, face recognition and integration with Office.

The company says that more than 3 million users have tried the beta version of the new upcoming Messenger and the information gathered helped to establish the appropriate software, which is called Wave 4 Beta.

Perhaps the most important feature will be the integration of Facebook chat on Messenger, the synergies between users of social networking site and online applications from Microsoft. As a spokesperson for the company said, "Many of you were asking us about Facebook chat, and finally we made it a reality. With the inclusion of Messenger we will have the opportunity to speak now with all your friends, through a single application".

Other features include:

Faster Messenger: has greatly improved the time required to make sign-in, update your contacts and social feeds.

Better quality in video chat: The Messenger video chat will now use 30% less resources than the CPU, by creating more work on the GPU.

More efficient face recognition: the recognition of faces in Photo Gallery has improved significantly and responds quickly.

Better handling of Gmail: the Mail now automatically manages spam and trash folders.

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