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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The master key of the HDCP protocol has Leaked !!

A few days ago, leaked to the Internet code that seemed to bypass the lock protocol HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). This lock is including a Blu-ray and DVD players, allowing the playback of content protected by copyright only through devices that are approved.

Intel has examined the data disclosed anonymously and concluded that this is indeed the master key of HDCP. The master key is used to create keys embedded in devices and are dedicated to encrypt data and verify that the device is authorized HDCP.

The leakage of the master key means that it can theoretically create a player, which can copy Blu-ray movies without any problems and, of course, can play copied discs as if they were original.

In practice, the key must be integrated into chip and more particularly to a software decoder. According to Intel, this is unlikely, but there are few who believe that just opened the Winds of Aeolus and will soon see Chinese Blu-ray players will play pirated content.

Google: "The new Chrome will be up to 60 times faster"

It is normal for any company to add further when referring to the benefits of its products, in this case however Google has surpassed all records. Nothing more, nothing less than the engineer Google James Robinson argued that Chrome 7 will be up to 60 times faster (!) From Chrome 6. Watch out, not 60% faster, 60 times faster than Chrome circulating now.

Of course, no one can easily believe that such an improvement is possible from one version to another. The Google, however, argues that such things as the graphics performance is much better through hardware acceleration. In addition, company engineers are working feverishly to improve the three-dimensional display graphics.

Under the fee schedule for renewal of Chrome, we should expect the new version very soon. In combination, even with the new Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4, the battle of the browsers will be very interesting in the near future.

Intel sets the target on the 15 nanometer

Certainly, discussion of processors that will be manufactured by the method of 15 nm is quite early, but this has not stopped Intel to make a first reference to the Atom of the future. During the Intel Developer Forum, company executives showed a slide that talks about many of 15nm processors in the coming years.

As is about 22 nanometers, Intel announced it would release four Atom for netbooks, four for nettops, four for smartphones, three, etc. CE for televisions and five Atom E, which included mainly cars. Beyond that, will release more models in all categories when the integration method lowered to 15 nanometers. This, however, that it says Intel-and quite logically, is when they will release these processors.

Beyond the demonstration of power, reduction of nanometers is very crucial factor in portable devices. Fewer nanometers generally means less energy consumption and therefore longer battery life, a variable of paramount importance to a portable device.

Activision will sell cinematics of the games!

From what it seems, Activision Blizzard is committed to proceed with a controversial business initiative, which is already causing much debate. The company's strong man, Bobby Kotick, speaking this week at a conference and revealed that Activision-Blizzard is seriously considering to sell the cinematics for games as movies!

According to Kotick, games like StarCraft II have so beautiful cinematics, which with proper treatment can make up a full movie, ready for sale in commerce. The Kotick went a step further and said that the price of such a film could be from 20-30 dollars, which is much cheaper than the game, but more expensive than a typical movie on DVD or Blu-ray.

Although not given a clear schedule, Kotick said the company would release such a product over the next five years, or jointly with others or alone.

At a time when almost all call for companies to shed the cost of the games move to attract more consumers, the commercialization of the cutscenes does not sound very appealing. Of course, it is still early to judge the whole idea of Activision-Blizzard if implemented eventually.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Discover the possibilities of a renewed Froyo 2.2 with the new Android Smartphone LG Optimus One

LG Electronics introduced the LG Optimus One (LG-P500), the new smartphone Optimus, which is based on functional Android Froyo 2.2. The LG Optimus One ensures the best experience it can offer a smartphone, allocating greater functionality and accessibility in response to the growing number of consumers who want to get their first smartphone device.

The LG Optimus One with Google, is one of the first smartphones to market incorporating the Froyo 2.2, the latest version of the platform Android, which provides up to three times faster Internet access and loading pages and smooth implementation pop-up applications and multi-tasking functions.

Furthermore, the new smartphone series Optimus, gives users the ability to easily synchronize their device with Outlook Calendar, providing improved productivity while offering function to use as a portable WiFi hotspot for multiple accessible with a single 3G connection. Moreover, Optimus One supports the most popular Google Mobile services, such as Google Voice Search, Google Voice Actions, Google Goggles, Google Shopper and Google Maps with navigation capabilities and also provides access to Android market, with more than 80,000 applications. (The availability of the Google applications differ from country to country).

To LG Optimus One, designed after investigation by the LG, based on the needs of users for the first time using a smartphone and want to have quicker and easier access to information and practical applications of the device. For this reason, the Optimus One focuses on finding information fast and flexible use of "packages" applications that includes Google Mobile.

"With the LG Optimus One, LG will reinforce its presence in smartphones, offering all the advantages of mobile smartphone, a device with rich opportunities," said Mr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Mobile Communications Company, and added: "LG's vision is to help consumers access information easily and quickly, regardless of the area which are at all times. Our belief is that the number of OPTIMUS will play a key role in achieving our vision. "

To create the LG Optimus One with Google, worked a great team of researchers and designers of the LG, which optimized the device platform and integrated Froyo services Google Mobile, so new smartphone to offer a more updated and "fresh" experience in users. The LG Optimus One with Google, offers a fun and user-friendly menu, as well as the exclusive mode LG App Advisor, which recommends that users of the 10 most highly rated applications every two weeks.

Furthermore, the unique design of the menu from LG and a number of additional accessories such as mounting carkit, offering users options to use and enjoy the benefits of enhanced platform Froyo.

The LG Optimus One also has, 3 megapixels camera with Face Tracking and Smile Shot, touch screen 3.2-inch LCD wide HVGA a resolution 320 x 480 pixels, and battery type LiOn 1500mAh for greater autonomy.

For the debut of LG Optimus One with Google, the LG hosted an innovative digital press conference in Seoul, allowing reporters from around the world to watch 'live' presentation via the Internet and to ask questions via Twitter to company officials.

The LG Optimus One with Google, with its rich features and advanced applications platform Android Froyo 2.2 available, encourages users to discover the wonderful world of Android.

Key Features

    * Operating: Android Froyo 2.2
    * Dimensions (mm): 113.5 (L) x 59 (W) x 13,3 (B)
    * Weight: 129 gr.
    * Networks: GSM Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900) / GPRS - EDGE (Class 10)
    * Battery: 1500mAh Battery
    * Screen Type: Capacitive LCD 3,2 inch HVGA
    * Screen resolution: 320 x 480 pixels
    * Number of colors: 256K
    * Camera: 3.0 Megapixels
    * Camera Modes: Face Tracking, Smile Shot
    * Memory: 170MB (expandable to 32GB with MicroSD)
    * Video playback: H.263, H264, MP4, WMV, AVI, DivX / Xvid
    * Video recording: H264, MPEG4, VGA 18fps
    * Play music files: (MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV)
    * Connectivity: WiFi 802.11b / g / Bluetooth 2.1 EDR / USB 2.0
    * Stereo FM Radio with RDS
    * Additional functions: SMS / MMS / EMS / Video MMS / Email (IMAP 4, SMTP, POP3) / Document Viewer (PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, GIF, JPG, TXT) Google Mobile Services, Google Talk

Intel: "The smartphones of tomorrow will be a real big help"

Speaking at the Intel Developer Forum being held in San Francisco, the head of Intel's technology section has a picture of how the company imagines its smartphones in the not too distant future. The Justin Rattner said that smartphones would eventually have an active role and work to serve the owner.

The Rattner talked about devices that will be "trained" based on the user's habits and be able to aftenergisoun to meet their needs, in some cases before they arise. Within the next five years, smartphones will know what is happening in other user devices (PC, tablet, etc.) and can utilize this information.

During his speech, Rattner showed an application of Fodor, which operates in the tourism industry. This application works as a tour guide, who suggested to the user various activities, depending on the location, the money can provide, restaurants, etc. preferred And all this without the user interaction.

Special editions of Sandy Bridge for overclockers

It has long been known that Intel has decided to significantly reduce the potential for overclocking processors Sandy Bridge, "tying" and other subsystems of the processor at the same clock. Fortunately, however, for overclockers, it seems to move around and modified models, which will have multiplier unlocked and available for experimentation.

The order K of Sandy Bridge will include models with identical "normal", the only difference being the unlocked multiplier (and the price, of course). Within the IDF carried out in San Francisco, Intel has made an initial demonstration of a Sandy Bridge K, who arrived in the frequency of 4.9GHz and with cooling by air. Those present said that the cooler used was very similar to the stock cooler of the Core i7 980X.

Not announced what exactly was the Sandy Bridge used on the show, but most are betting that this is the Core i7 2600K, with factory frequency 3.4GHz. If true, we are talking about overclocking the order of 45% air, which leaves many promises for the future.

So far, no information on an even Sandy Bridge K, beyond 2600, the Core i5 2500K. Rumors, in fact, indicate that prices will move in the range of $ 230 for a "small" processor and $ 350 for "great".

Yahoo: "The advertising platform for mobiles from Apple will collapse"

The chief executive of Yahoo is a strong woman who does not mince her words and appears often in public attitudes. The Carol Bartz granted these days interview with Reuters and spoke on various topics related to the purchase of high technology. Asked about Apple, the xespathose Bartz and other ills ... Nostradamus predicted the company of Steve Jobs.

The question was accepted by Bartz to do with iAd, advertising platform for Apple's portable devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). The iron lady of Yahoo appeared absolute "(the iAd) will collapse. The Apple wants complete control over these ads. No advertiser wants to control them so much," was the prophecy ... Bartz.

It is certainly the first time that Apple criticized for a strict control regime imposed on its products. Predictably, the process of creation and validation of applications are in the App Store, a process that gives little room for maneuver to developers.

Unexpected changes in piracy court case

From early 2010 until today, the US Copyright Group has sued over 14,000 individuals in the U.S.. The body reproaching defendants for breach of copyright law, and there is evidence that participating in P2P networks and was distributed movies, music, etc. However, this latest development probably was not the shots of the US Copyright Group.

Approximately 4,000 defendants are currently in court in Washington, which considers the option to download the movie Far Cry. Many, however, decided to fight back and are now calling the US Copyright Group to cover their own costs. The rationale is that none of them lives or works in Washington, and neither the ISPs are based in the capital of the USA.

The lawyers for the defendants argue that the prosecutor could easily identify the location of the accused and legal action in that area. Claim, even the example of IP, which used to be exercised by a prosecution. With a simple check reveals that this IP is owned by Cox (based in Atlanta), while the accused woman lives in a suburb of Las Vegas. Therefore, there is no reason to do the trial in Washington, according to lawyers, hence the request to cover costs from the complainant.

Obviously, the US Copyright Group opted for a mass trial in Washington in order to avoid the costs associated with the identification of each defendant, but the filing of separate lawsuits 14.000 in various U.S. courts. It remains to be seen whether Judge Rosemary Collyer, in which case has been assigned Far Cry, will accept what the defense Legal circles indicate that this court is very sensitive to issues of jurisdiction and might ultimately the decision is negative for US Copyright Group.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

30 million dollars in investments by Intel

Intel Capital, Intel's investment company will invest more than $ 30,000,000 in four technology startups. Intel said that the money comes from the line of 200 million U.S. dollars which had been announced that will invest in February.

This investment plan is designed to support technology companies in the U.S., and recruit new graduates from colleges.

The four companies which are funded are, Adaptive Computing, based in Utah to design software for data centers and cloud computing, Ciranova from Santa Clara, the company deals with software design integrated, Jovent from San Francisco, which Intel Capital has invested in the past and deals with the infrastructure needed for cloud computing solutions, and Nexant, also from San Francisco which is the subject of clean energy and services on this track.

Intel unveils technical information for the Sandy Bridge

Intel disclosed technical information for the Sandy Bridge processors in IDF 2010, rekindling the battle of processors APU. The Sandy Bridge is the first generation of processors from Intel to incorporate the same die, CPU and GPU, unlike Westmere who had two separate die on the same chip. This allows two channels to share the cache, speeding up cooperation, but increasing energy efficiency.

"In a single chip, we gathered all the critical functions needed for computers. This is a very important chip for Intel." says Chief Executive of Intel Paul Otellini.

The new processors maintain their PCI Express controller that existed in the Nehalem and Westmere, but add a DisplayPort controller, but does not support DirectX 11. They will use dual channel DDR3 memory controller and rumors indicate that we will use a new socket, the LGA 1155, not confirmed by Intel.

In more technical features identify the AVX [Advanced Vector Extensions], a new set of commands increases performance parallel processing processes commonly used by multimedia applications. In addition doubles the range of floating point variables in the 256-bit, and implemented a new ring bus, which connects the core with cache, offering amazing bandwidth of 384GB/sec.

Finally it is noteworthy that the technology will affect Turboboost and GPU, giving extra power and fps for 10 to 20 seconds.

The Sandy Bridge will be the last processors to be manufactured with the technical integration lithography 32nm high-k metal gate second generation, and will follow Ivy Bridge being built on 22nm. The first Sandy Bridge will be released early next year.

So apparently in 2011, the battle will be between the Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer.

Debut for Internet Explorer 9

Keeping faithful to the schedule, Microsoft announced the first release of Internet Explorer 9. The ninth edition of the browser is currently undergoing beta, which means that stakeholders will have to manually install and bearing in mind that there may be mino errorsr, since it is not the final version.

On a technical level, the intention of Microsoft to look in the future is clear, as support for HTML5 is one of the pillars on which articulated the new browser. Another feature that makes sense is the possibility of allowing users to "pin" the favorites wishing on the bar of Windows 7. In this way, Microsoft wants to send the message that the sites are no longer mere window displays a browser, but larger entities that can be integrated into the operating system.

The Internet Explorer 9 comes at a difficult time for Microsoft, as the market share of browsers is around 60%. The Internet Exlporer has lost much support users dealing with technology and the 9th edition aims to reverse this trend.

Fujitsu announced that eventually overcame difficulties in designing the mechanism for charging wireless electronic devices and how they intend to use this technology to products marketed in 2012.

The general idea that has preoccupied many companies and organizations such as Intel and MIT, is the ability to charge a device with the simple installation of a surface (eg a house) without using cables. But Fujitsu has more ambitious plans: to transmit power into the box of a computer or to charge an electric car.

Since 2006 Fujitsu Labarotaries is studying a technology called "magnetic resonance" which exploits the magnetic induction with coil use. But in the course, they came upon several difficulties because there are, of course, different problems from other electronic devices that are inside the computer and general electronic equipment to be charge. For small devices, increases the density of devices, increasing the difficulty of implementation.

The technique has been tested for performance-within range of the charger-85% according to the company, in 150 tests.

"What Fujitsu Labarotaries did, is to develop a technology that dramatically reduces the time needed to design wireless chargers and also allow the optimization of the design" , the company announced.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The first NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450

NVIDIA brings to market the first GeForce GTS 450, with simultaneous release of the cooperating companies Asus, EVGA, Palit, MSI and Calibre, extending the range of DirectX11, downward and covering a larger number of users. Frequencies kernel / CUDA cores / memory in 783MHz/1566MHz/3606MHz respectively, a total of 192 CUDA cores to 4 Streaming Multiprocessors, is expected to offer competitive performance over the implementations of ATI, which at the same price levels.

There are also 32 texture units and 16 ROP, the memory bus width is 128-bit, with a bandwidth of 57,7 GB / sec, while the maximum amount that can manage 1GB is GDDR5.The TDP of the GPU, amounts to 106Watt, point which seems to be the main drawback of the design of newer cards Nvidia, something which is associated with 1.17 million transistors needed for its completion in conjunction with the lithography method used, which is on 40nm. The big advantage seems to be the great overclocking potential ...

Laptop with two touch screens from Acer

The prototype is a laptop computer with two touch screens 15 inches from Acer. The second screen takes up the position and functions of the keyboard and the touchpad, as we have seen in several projects for netbooks in the past. Supports multitouch and enables creation of truly novel user interfaces.

The information available on the system were really minimal, the operating system is Windows 7 and the CPU Core i5 with the operating frequency 2,66 GHz. Indicates that the response of the computer is a bit slow and problematic, which probably means it is in the early stages of its evolution. Of course, if eventually released, in 2011 these features are likely to have changed, but such a device can create a new atmosphere in the market.

The Czech Republic puts a brake on the fleet of Google Street View

Extension of Street View in the Czech Republic meets obstacles. According to the service of personal data in the Czech Republic, the company has not received the necessary authorization for these activities. They declined for the second time a license to Google, saying the process could "potentially" be bad for the country.

The fleet of Google has begun collecting data since April, but the data authority does not believe it meets the necessary requirements. Similar reactions exist throughout Europe, including Germany, where courts have proven that citizens have the right to request removal of images from the site. Citizens of the Czech Republic have been able to request their faces blurred, but raised many questions about other information, such as car registration, etc.

Google's response is that "we respect those decisions", but believes that the matter has not ended and will continue trying to find a solution in the near future.

Processors Zacate from AMD are faster than the Core i5

AMD, presented a modern platform Zacate, argues that the new generation of APU's performance over a Core i5 and even used two demo to prove its allegations. These processors feature integrated GPU, and is the result of the Fusion architecture and core Llano, facing delays in the difficulty of lithography 32nm, as well as being its youngest members.

The claim that the newer chip is to perform better than the last generation of processors from Intel, based on two demos and a sample of Zacate, who had two cores Bobcat, but to provide more information . In the adversary system was a Core i5, with a core speed of 2,4 GHz. In the demo of Internet Explorer 9 called "Pyschedelic Browsing" The difference was really chaotic. The second presentation was based on the game City of Heroes, by simple movement of the character to take an average number of frames per second. The performance of the Core i5 was the order of 15-20 fps, while Zacate exceeded 30 fps.Although the most likely release date is in early 2011, so far there is no official announcement. More information and presentations are due in November.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The new version of BackupAssist v6 eliminates the difficulties of Windows Backups

Cortex I.T. Labs Pty. Ltd has a new version of the already successful BackupAssist is expected to bring new challenges to competitive products because of new features and unbeatable price.

Laboratories Cortex I.T. announced the release of new version of BackupAssist, which supports Windows 2010 including Exchange 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2. The BackupAssist v6 incorporates many other new features while not increasing the price.

The BackupAssist v6 incorporates new features that go beyond the difficulties and problems of Windows Backups reducing wasted time by simplifying the complicated procedures for System Administrators who support small businesses. The new version offers automated backups complete systems Windows Hyper-V, Windows Server 2008 R2 and is ready to support backups to be sent out in the cloud storage services to companies providing improved data security using AES-256 encryption and hide actual file names.

Linus Chang CEO of Cortex IT Labs said «BackupAssist quickly became known when first introduced in 2002 it was the most economical solution for the features included and the reliability of the backup of Windows», and he continued "is now even better and there is no reason to raise the price, our products have an increasing trend in sales and we can ensure the costs of development and improvement "

While most companies develop backup solutions under existing economic conditions facing problems, the products of BackupAssist strengthen. They are products made especially for SMBs, offering ease of use, ready backup strategies that help make best use of existing infrastructure and most importantly of all the licensing system is economically affordable by businesses.

Dimitris Raikos Development Director of Sales Effect said "BackupAssist's solutions are ideal for Greek businesses in the overwhelming number of them belong to the SMEs. The solutions BackupAssist offer great potential in the third of the price of well known products on the market. Furthermore the customer decides what features and capabilities you want to buy and use further decreasing the costs. "

The BackupAssist starts at a price of 189.00 €. Its features include File Replication, ZIP machines and Rsync, VSS support and drive imaging, Exchange and SQL Server backup.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Applications and BitTorrent!

BitTorrent has recently acquired its own applications, which is supported in the release candidate version of Mainline 7.1.

This JavaScript applications, are initially 11, but the managers BitTorrent appear optimistic that soon there will be many more. The applications are free, but it's not impossible to look at specific applications for payment. Certainly, it would be paradoxical to see paid applications on a free file sharing network, but everything is possible because the project is still in the beginning.

From Head of Microsoft Office to become a boss at Nokia

Stephen Elop is the man leading the Business section of Microsoft for the last 2.5 years , which among others is responsible for publishing the famous office suite Microsoft Office. Elop said that he is leaving the company in order to act as chief executive at Nokia.

In a letter distributed to staff of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer Elop was thanked for his contributions to Microsoft and wished him good luck. On his part, Elop expressed his enthusiasm for the challenge that lies ahead and appeared confident that Nokia will remain at the top.

However, the work of Elop will be anything but easy. Nokia has fallen far behind on smartphones and hopes to steal some of the glory of the iPhone and Android devices with the upcoming N8.

Elop is the second top executive leaving Microsoft last quarter. Just last May, Robbie Bach, head of the department of entertainment and devices withdrew from the company.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another security hole in Adobe Acrobat and Reader

Adobe announced that there is a serious vulnerability in Acrobat and Reader, which has not been addressed yet. The bug is in the versions from 9.3.4 and back, on all platforms (Windows, Mac, UNIX). The company was quick to clarify that the engineers are working feverishly to put immediate corrective patch.

The dexterous can launch a successful attack to shut down Acrobat Reader and take control of your computer. Apart from developing the patch, Adobe is in constant communication with security software companies, which will be available soon on signtures to minimize risk.

Adobe has not given any indication about when to expect the update that closes this hole.

Overclocked at 7.3GHz for Intel Core i5 655K

Overclocker Duck managed to overturn the record overclocking the Core i5 655K from Intel, launching its incidence in 7307.8MHz. As we know, such frequencies are high demands on the cooling and the duck used liquid nitrogen to keep the CPU temperature low enough to function normally.

The great leap from the factory frequency of 3.2GHz to 7.3GHz was achieved by increasing the bus 221.5MHz, while the coil reached 33. The voltaz went to 2.011V. The system that became the new record-110MHz more than the previous record of Core i5 655K-contained motherboard EVGA P55 3X SLI Classified, graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 to the factory frequencies and 2GB A-DATA DDR3 at 1328 MHz.

The world record in absolute terms regardless of the model still has a Celeron 347 in 65nm, who has reached unrealistic frequency of 8.2GHz. Processors to AMD, the crown keeps the Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition with a frequency of 7127MHz.

Google launches Google TV

The launch of the television platform of Google, was announced by the company's CEO, Eric Schmidt, in the international technology exhibition in Berlin.

Google TV will start broadcasting on the internet in the autumn in the United States until the end of 2011 when it will be available worldwide. Google is working on its TV platform, with companies Sony and Logitech, the platform enables you to surf the Internet, watching shows and YouTube videos from their home televisions.

The announcement is a response to announcement of Apple, last week for its own platform for Apple TV and heralds the battle between the two companies to acquire market share of 180 billion U.S. dollars on television advertising.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pirate Bay Closed (again)

Not the end of the chase for the Pirate Bay from law enforcement authorities, as shown by the last episode of the series made sensational. In a coordinated operation in 14 European countries have been able to disable the site Pirate Bay. Of course, history has shown that the closure of The Pirate Bay is a temporary inconvenience to users and nothing more.

The Swedish police had been instructed by a prosecutor to visit the offices of a local ISP and subscribers to seek allegedly involved in the operation of the infamous torrent tracker. The police gave the company the IP addresses in the context of Swedish legislation requested e-mail addresses of subscribers. A few hours later, the site Pirate Bay was closed and remained inactive.

Of course, disabling the site does not mean an end of data exchange. The tracker is still working properly, so the ongoing downloads / uploads are not affected by the closure of the site.

It remains to be seen how much time will be required to return to the page of Pirate Bay.

The ultimate PC for gamers

Origin PC announced a new computer, which is in a class of its own, and largely escapes the bounds of conventional PC. The savage computer called Big O, includes technical features awe-inspiring. But its great advantage is neither the processor nor the memory nor the graphics card.
Besides the "usual" hardware, the Big O hiding on the outside of a full Xbox 360 Slim (!), Which has a water cooling. Thus, the user can play the Halo 3 one time and another StarCraft II through the same machine. The pride of Origin PC is available in two configurations, which have differences in hardware.

The large model costs $ 17,000 and includes two processors Xeon X5680 yperchronismenous at 4.3GHz, four GeForce GTX 480, 12GB memory, two feeders, each with attributes 1kW, solid-state drive 200GB and two hard drives with a capacity of 2TB each.
The small (so to speak) model has a value of $ 7,669 and replaces the two Xeon processors with a humble Core i7 930.

Enhanced security in Firefox 3.6.9

The limelight may have fallen over time in the preparation of Firefox 4, but this does not mean that the engineers of the popular browser have neglected a 3.6.x circulating for some time. The development team provided a new update, which upgrades to Firefox in version 3.6.9, and closes several security holes that have been reported.

No more, no less, the Firefox 3.6.9 closes 14 "holes", of which 10 have the status critical. This is, in other words, a very important update and Firefox users are invited to renew to the latest version as soon as possible.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

180 degrees turn from Intel on the subject of USB 3

Until recently, Intel has been reluctant to adopt version 3 of the well-known technology USB. However, that seems to have changed in recent days, the leading manufacturer of processors to The story even says that official notices are to be expected in the coming weeks.

Certainly, it seems that Intel did not calculate the market pressure. AMD will incorporate the technology in USB 3 chipsets to be released for Fusion and every indication this trend essentially If eventually the information is true, we will see USB 3 in chipsets that come processors Sandy Bridge. So far, there is no information on exactly what chipsets will support USB 3 and how many ports will be.

You can't "break" the PlayStation 3 anymore!

Finally it appears that Sony has managed to put an end to PS3 Jailbreak even at record speed. Only a few days after the court victory in Australia, which banned the disposal of the relevant USB dongle, it's number and software version of Jailbreak. A firmware update was enough to be past the "break" of the PlayStation 3.

In the release notes that Sony says update 3.42 includes "additional safety features, without entering into details. Some argue that there is a proxy tool that allows connection to PlayStation Network with firmware 3.41, but they will most likely close this "hole" in the coming days.

Sony has shown impressive reflexes upon hearing the news that the PlayStation 3 "broke." The operations of the company reacted quickly and finished off the PS3 remains the only modern console that has not been delivered to the system of pirates.

Technological advances from Canon

Canon announced the successful manufacture of CMOS image sensor size of APS-H1, with the possibility of image analysis about 120 megapixel (13,280 x 9,184 pixel), which is the highest level analysis of this size.

The new sensor, compared with commercial CMOS high resolution of the same size with about 16.1 million pixel, is able to analyze about 120 million pixel, is 7.5 times larger and offers 2.4 times more improved analysis.

With sensors CMOS, and although achieved rapid reading of large numbers of pixel through parallel processing, the increase in measured signal of parallel processing can cause problems such as delays in the signal or a minor deviation. By modifying the method used to control the time reading circuit, Canon succeeded in making rapid read sensor. As a result, the new CMOS sensor allows the maximum output speed at about 9.5 frames per second, maintaining a continuous viewing extremely high resolution.

The new sensor also features Canon's video output and the possibility of Full HD (1.920 x 1.080 pixel). The sensor can play Full HD video from any department, covering the 1 / 16 of total projection surface.

The images captured with the new CMOS sensor Canon's 120 megapixel maintain the highest resolution and purity, even if cut or digitally magnified. Additionally, the sensor allows confirmation of the image through a wide area of an image viewing Full HD video selected portion of the total frame.

Mr. Drossos, Director of Marketing Intersys AE ( said "Canon has a new record in expression image, aiming for photos whose quality will exceed those made with film and videos that will make use of the unique advantages of machines SLR, and especially of easy transportation and the expressive power offered by the lens rotation. "

Monday, September 6, 2010

MathType 6.7 for Windows

Just released MathType 6.7 for Windows of Design Science, available in Greece and Cyprus from the MP & Associates. The new version includes new features, bug fixes and added compatibility with new versions of Microsoft Office and other applications.

It allows users to stay informed, contemporary and compatible with the applications and websites which are working well with the operating system, computer, and most important New features include compatibility with Microsoft Office 2010 and with over 350 applications (such as Maple, Mathematica, Mathcad, MATLAB, Illustrator, InDesign, FrameMaker, CorelDRAW, WordPerfect Office, Grapher, etc.) and websites (eg Wikipedia), the possibility of code generation Tex or LaTex (in parallel to directly write formulas in TeX ), and compatibility with Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) and Vista and XP.

The equations in MathType 6.7 are compatible with all previous versions 6.x and 5.x, which allows users Cooperation with different versions of MathType. Any changes already installed in version of MathType, including keyboard shortcuts, toolbars, preferences, etc. are maintained by upgrading to MathType 6.7.

MathType is long known as the professional version of Equation Editor found in Microsoft Office and used by millions of teachers, scientists and engineers to create documents, manuals and presentations.

According to the publishers of scientific and technical issues, more than 85% of submitted manuscripts containing mathematical notes are Microsoft Word documents with equations written in MathType or Equation Editor!

Here comes GeForce GTS 450

Nvidia has not officially announced the GeForce GTS 450, but some traders were quick to advertise the new graphics card, while revealing its technical characteristics. The new GeForce expected to fight with the Radeon HD 5770, at least until AMD can release its new cards with the name of Radeon HD 6000.

GeForce GTS 450 operating frequency is slightly lower than had been leaked in July. The kernel is GF 106 clocked at 783MHz, the shaders at 1566MHz and the GDDR5 memory to 3608MHz. The 450 has 192 CUDA cores, 128-bit memory interface, 1GB memory cooler occupying two slots, dual-DVI outputs and mini HDMI, and while requiring a 6-pin connector for power.

The value lies in the region of 150 euros, about as costly as some fast versions of the Radeon HD 5770. We may well see it at a lower price when the official announcements come from Nvidia.

More information about AMD's APUs

AMD has revealed little more about the upcoming Accelerated Processor Units (APUs) to be released in 2011. The authors of a special Press who visited the exhibition IFA 2010 won the first information on APU codenamed Zacate. As it became known, the upcoming Fusion processor will consume 18 watts.

Compared to Ontario, the Zacate consumes twice stream, so probably talking about more CPU operating frequency from Ontario, although AMD declined to give details. The Zacate should form the basis for nettops and low performance desktop systems, and will be used in notebooks. Like Ontario, it will be manufactured by the method of 40nm, and will contain two cores, built around the architecture Bobcat.

The code names we know so far for the new AMD processors are Ontario, Zacate, Llano and Orochi, the latter being addressed in the market for servers.

Google Released the sixth version of Google Chrome

Already two years have passed since Google announced the release of a new web browser, called Chrome. The company decided to celebrate the second birthday of Chrome with the release of version 6, which is three times faster in JavaScript processing compared to a version that was released in September 2008.

The new Chrome has simple interface, faithfully following the course developed by Google from the start. As for performance, the engine WebKit guarantees high speed processing JavaScript, however, has also added support for hardware acceleration in graphics rendering.

According to surveys of large companies in the area, Chrome currently has a market share of over 7% and the overwhelming evidence that would exceed the 10% around the end of this year.

Slap on the face for YouTube is a German's court decision

Frank Peterson, composer and producer for Sarah Brightman, is accusing YouTube for disclosure of audiovisual material without permission. In short, Peterson made a complaint to YouTube because some users uploaded video clips of Sarah Brightman.

The court eventually convicted YouTube, accepting the claims of Peterson violations of the law of copyright. Following the reasoning of the decision, known mention of YouTube "must have permission to upload the material" is not enough to relieve the agency from all liability. Google will now have to pay compensation for the clips of Brightman, but all will be judged on appeal, as the company is determined to appeal.

Arnd Haller, head of legal department of Google Germany, said the court ruling ignores the directive of the European Commission on electronic commerce. It remains to be seen whether this argument is enough to relieve the Google to appeal.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

144 Petabytes of storage!

Need more space to store your data? This is the theoretical storage limit promising new CompactFlash cards.

The 64GB SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity) cards are now yesterday's news (figuratively and literally). The new standard CompactFlash 5.0 promises to give the world a theoretical 144 Petabytes of storage with the new CF cards.

At last you can store your media collection that you accumulate for so many years. It can also save collections of 70,000 closest friends!

Although SDXC cards have declared themselves happy with the storage of 2 Tera, CompactFlash is designed to help dispel the mundane and to break every reasonable expectations of the new cards.

It is known that CF cards are used primarily to support more storage space than the technology of Flash Memory and the announcement of the new standard cards, vindicates this.

To understand what 144 Petabytes, 1 Petabyte equals 1.024 Terabytes of data. On the other equal to 1 Tera 1.024 Gigabytes of data, a unit of measurement is more familiar to us all.

The only thing left to do is wait and see until you reach the future storage cards.

Google Priority Inbox: A new, intelligent service

Google plans to incorporate a new Gmail service, which will make the Inbox "smarter"

The company said it plans within a few days to incorporate a new service in Inbox in Gmail, which has given its name Priority Inbox.

This new service will automatically filter which for some time "watching" how we use the inbox e-mails.

In this way, separates what we may be interested in what more and less and accordingly puts the order of priority.

The Priority Inbox will be integrated into Gmail by the end of the week, while those users had the opportunity to try out the beta version, they found it very useful.

Samsung enters the field of flat computers with the Galaxy Tab, a device that tries to compete with the iPad ftom Apple.

Galaxy Tab was presented at the IFA exhibition in Berlin. The device uses Google's Android and initially will be available a model 7-inch screen and memory 16 or 32 GB that can be extended with the use of a memory card. The Tab supports connection via Bluetooth, wi-fi and mobile networks, has embedded chip GPS and gyro mechanism that automatically adjusts the display depending on how you hold the device. Samsung has not announced prices for equipment weighing 380 grams, and promises to enrich the series in 2011.

Apple has its own social network as part of the new version of the software iTunes. The Ping, named as the new service allows users to create their own networks of friends and professional musicians in the same way that one can do on Twitter. The service also makes music playlists (playlist) based on what friends are listening. It gives them the opportunity to create their own profile in iTunes, have their friends, watch music fans listen to concerts and intend to go forward and show a list of the 10 most popular songs downloaded by their friends from iTunes.

Market analysts say that the move is a response to social networks related to music such as MySpace.
Users will have access to Ping via iTunes 10 by Mac or PC and the iTunes application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

MySpace has traditionally attracted many musicians that share their music and communicate with other artists. But its size has remained constant to 60 million members and many of them prefer the Facebook.

But the first reviews for Ping is not much praise as some users complain that the music proposals are almost identical for all users, while others complain about the innability to transfer contacts from other social networks.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The world wide web is a dump

The global network is loaded with links that lead nowhere.

The Internet is a huge garbage dump filled with Unused images, blogs, websites - almost everything imaginable, forgotten. And nobody cares enough to clean them, hoping that by some magical way it will self heal after years of neglect.

I've tried more new products and services that sprang from the '90s. Recently I tried Posterous, one of the hottest and rapidly emerging services. Put simply, you send something through email to them-whatever it is, and they raise their own servers giving you a URL to share it with anyone.

The allegation that the agency responds instantly, is far from reality. I tried the service using my personal email. I gave up after half an hour. And I tried with my gmail. Just 20 minutes later I had the answer and my picture went online.

This photo is somewhere on a server and withered, like most things on the Internet. Eventually I enrolled in Facebook under a pseudonym and never used it again. It is useless junk that is still on a server. I should have at least a half dozen blogs that I started some time and since then I've forgotten.

Yahoo made the right move in deciding to close the Geocities and the servers, earning offline all this rubbish. For some important pages that procedure was a blow, but through all this garbage that the agency has collected all these years, it was impossible to save.

I know some of the pages I had to Blogger disappeared after the acquisition by Google. I lost a full backup of all contacts when an "always free" site closed. I can not access my account in Flickr since acquired by Yahoo. Examples follow each other at an ever-growing collection of rubbish, missed pages and dead ends. Additional services such as Posterous, Reddit and Twitter also lost. Does anyone use LiveJournal;

Instead of complaining, you need to begin to clean in a way that works. The personal responsibility of everyone is not enough to accomplish the job. I think this whole volume of information must be filed in a closed internet, read-only, so we can study it and organize it properly.

Pirate ISP

Pirate ISP is a new broadband provider which promises to provide complete anonymity to its users. The Swedish "party" of pirates, Piratpartiet, who is based in the European Parliament and the political program is limited to combat any attempt to impose laws to protect intellectual property, and decided to get at the ISPs! Having first made their hospitality [and hence the coverage requirements in bandwidth] of the famous torrent site "The Pirate Bay", the Piratpartiet will participate actively in the "Pirate ISP". Of course, the Pirate Party not only took over hosting of The Pirate Bay, but will use "immunity" to provide legal cover to the administrators.

The Pirate ISP is a new provider of broadband, which promises to offer complete anonymity to its users, while its revenues to finance the needs of the party. Gustav Nipe, student finances, a founding member of the party and CEO of The Pirate ISP said that motivation to launch the operation is to find a way to change this society of "Big Brother".
The first promising steps [in the ideological level] providers are small and ... humble. The beta testing the service for 100 residents of Lund, while the short-term objective is to catch the 5% of the market in this city of 100,000 inhabitants before expanding nationwide.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Three versions of the Gran Turismo 5 for PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital have announced three different versions of the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 for PlayStation 3 (PS3), offering motoring enthusiasts more choices than ever to experience a unique driving experience. The highly anticipated game will be released in November with three versions for the first time with full Greek menu:

Standard Edition

More than a thousand cars, a global community of drivers, the most legendary tracks in the world and the leading overall driving experience of your life - this is Gran Turismo 5. Enjoy amazing realism, physics to raise pulses, hair-raising speeds and a huge range of vehicles while racing or with friends at home or online with champions from around the world, enriching, while your collection with enchanting collection vehicles never stepped on the tarmac. One of the most successful driving games of all time returns with new features, new cars and unique experiences that will travel at faster speeds ever experienced.

Collector's Edition

A particularly lustful upgrade knowledgeable drivers and motor enthusiasts, with ample additional 'power' to distinguish it from the highly attractive collectible package. Besides the game itself will find:

* Insert booklet with exclusive design.
* The magazine 'Apex' with more than 200 pages full of driving tips and advice on improvements car specials in future technologies and much more.
* Five collectible cards with unique design for the Collector's Edition.
* Package vehicles 'ChromeLine': five improved in-game cars ready to compete.
* Only potential issue (Dynamic Theme) to the XMB PS3.

Signature Edition

Resembling an excellent launch supercar, this deluxe edition presses the throttle stop as soon as you open the foil pouch curvilinear - the black ('Obsidian Black') finish of Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Apart from the game, the journal 'Apex' and pack cars 'ChromeLine' you will find:

* A miniature of the exclusive Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (1:43 scale).
* A leather wallet Gran Turismo and a metal keyring Gran Turismo.
* A collector's book of large size (Signature Edition coffee table book), which presents the most attractive cars and the most beautiful locations in Gran Turismo.
* A specially designed for Gran Turismo 5 USB key, a trailer for the cooperation of Mercedes-Benz with Polyphony, thanks to which we will enjoy on our screens the SLS AMG.
* Six additional in-game 'Stealth' cars - among them the McLaren F1 and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, but also a potential issue.
* For those over 18 it offers the chance to win a genuine Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG - a supercar with a 6.3 liter engine, wings and doors (type gull-wing)!

The exact conditions of the tender will be published soon in

Participation in competitions Signature Edition will have the residents of the following countries:

* Greece
* UK
* Ireland
* Germany
* Austria
* France
* Switzerland
* Portugal
* Spain
* Italy
* Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway
* Czech Republic
* Russia
* Poland
* Australia
* New Zealand
* South Africa
* United Arab Emirates
* Saudi Arabia

If, however Pre the Standard or Collector's Edition, perhaps you are lucky to have a selection of exclusive in-game vehicles - among them the Audi R10 TDI Stealth Model, Nissan GT-R GT500 Stealth Model, Honda NSX GT500 Stealth Model, Mazda 787B Stealth Model, McLaren F1 Stealth Model, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Stealth Model (more details will be announced soon).

Are you ready for the fight of your life? The three versions of Gran Turismo 5 (Standard Edition, Collector's Edition and Signature Edition) for PS3 will be released in November....

Facebook is more ... Twitter-like

A new feature will be added soon to all accounts of Facebook. The new feature called Stalk this friend and allows each user to monitor the updates of specific accounts that are in the friends list or fan pages selected by the button Like. Currently, Stalk this friend is in the testing stage.

With this new option, the user will receive notifications (notifications) whenever a friend "under observation" writes something on his behalf. Thus, apart from the usual reference in the flow of News Feed, the user will have immediate access to the accounts of their choice through the notices and will depend on the time of the "interception" write / upload something on Facebook.

In this way, Facebook managers are attempting to "borrow" features from Twitter, which is currently the most popular tool for monitoring specific individuals.

Although the substance of the Stalk this friend does not change anything on the issue of security arrangements should assume that it would trigger a new round of protests from those who blame Facebook that does not respect the confidentiality of personal data.

Powerful processor for smartphones from ARM

ARM announced that it managed to build a new version of the processor Cortex A9, using the method of integration of 28 nanometers. The new processor is the fruit of collaboration between ARM and GlobalFoundries, the company formed after the split of AMD into two companies. The reduction in nanometer radically changes the performance of the A9.

The new model is dual-and according to ARM, the initial operating frequency is 2GHz, but with a change in voltaz can go up to the impressive speed of 2.8GHz.

Without doubt, ARM makes show of force with the new Cortex A9 and throw down the gauntlet to Intel, which is preparing to enter the market of smartphones with new processor Atom.

So far there is no indication of when to get into line, the new processor, so we can not predict when we will see the first smartphones / tablets based on powerful product.

TomTom Via is coming

The presentation of the new Via TomTom is the first hands-free solution company in the mid-range category. Providing many innovative features designed with ease of use, TomTom Via offers advanced navigation that is accessible to all.

The TomTom Via brings the top navigation in the middle category of the market - without reducing the quality and usability," said Mr. George Anastasopoulos, Country Manager of TomTom in Greece. "With the ability to conduct calls hands-free, advanced lane guidance and technology Map Share, TomTom Via the guide provides everything you need for a truly comfortable driving experience.

With TomTom Via drivers may also be informed about the security cameras on the street, which helps to drive safely and stress free.

Models Via 120 and 125 provide the medium category of the possibility of hands-free calls (via Bluetooth), allowing users to use the device as a car-kit for their mobile phone.

The TomTom Via also provides a reliable indication of the estimated time of arrival (Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)) for any time of day based on the speed profile of the intelligent IQ Routes as collected by millions of users. Now drivers can be released from the stress of traffic, knowing exactly when they will reach their destination.

The TomTom Via still provides the added convenience of a new collapsible support system, which is built into the device to be available whenever you need user. The intelligent system that adapts easily to the windshield, while using an optional mounting tray allows the user to rotate the device 180 degrees, and a sensor rotates the display accordingly, allowing the driver to place the device in any way to serve.

The new features do not stop there: With the TomTom Via, The drivers can see more and more comfortable lead thanks to new environments and the choices between devices with a screen 11 cm (4.3'') or 13 cm ( 5 ') with touch screen technology for easier operation. Each unit includes new, more comprehensive maps covering 2 million km road network in the European road network with richer and more detailed graphics, providing more information to drivers. These include an elegantly designed machine with brushed aluminum finish on the screen.

To TomTom Via will be available in Greece in October.

Discover new innovative products from Packard Bell in IFA 2010

Over the years, Packard Bell has managed to create a good name for the style in design, ease of use and innovation. These basic ideas of the company expressed through their netbook, the notebook, the desktop computers, storage and screens available and presented in the report IFA technology summit that takes place between 3-8 September 2010 in Berlin, Germany.

The possibility of creating a good name due to investments made by Packard Bell in research and development, and research among consumers, which enabled us to build products that are more innovative and with more style than ever, beating expectations we had as a target.

This development began a year ago and improved further in recent months: first new attractive colors in the range Packard Bell were unveiled along with the exclusive application Packard Bell Social Networks. Access to social networking platforms directly from your desktop PC, meaning that the management of online social life has never been so easy.

Then it's time for the "thin & light" series, which included a stunning design products that are targeted primarily at people interested in style. Latest technology and continuous operation, focusing on the delicate, elegant enclosure, without compromise.

Now it's time to go further, at Packard Bell in IFA, visitors will have the unique opportunity to see up close all the latest products and products with higher sales across Europe by providing updated and integrated experience with the company's products.

The new products will be presented are:

Ø dot s: the most thin and light netbook of Packard Bell, now even more attractive to new trendy colors

Ø EasyNote LX86: have a widescreen monitor 17.3 "with many practical and convenient features high performance, combining multimedia playback trouble, and constant social networking with a pleasant style

Ø Series Maestro LED HD STEREO: ideal for use as screen PC, but can also be used for HD video equipment from HD, such as disc players Blu-rayTM, HD cameras and systems, thanks to TV connectors DVI and HDMI

Ø Maestro TV: is a slim and stylish display that supports the entry of computer and hybrid TV-tuner that plays HD TV and MPEG-4 for an exceptional degree of adaptability standards Pal or SECAM

Ø PB Go: it's a storage solution for personal data notebook: the notebook hard drive PB Go 2,5''. It gives users the ability to directly increase the capacity of personal computers.

During the exhibition will also:

Accompanying Digital: dot a & dot u and dot VR46. Beneath the exterior of the mini is the greatest comfort, thanks to many hours of battery life and the new touchpad multiple movements. You will also be fascinated by the range of available colors.

Thin notebook: EasyNote M Series and EasyNote X, EasyNote Butterfly s and EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition. Made in our own design studio, have a robust personality, fine lines, a wide variety of embossed designs and exciting colors. A notebook, Packard Bell always stands out among thousands of laptops.

Digital home: imedia, ixtreme, oneTwo, iPower X 3.0 and more. Multi-touch technology, digital TV, multimedia storage solutions. These and many more will be presented by Packard Bell, along with all the latest developments and technologies focused on design for users who want the possibility of extending the power and features, striking design structure and a better user experience.

Transistors made from graphene has reached 300GHz

The term grafini was heard for the first time in 2007 when researchers from Princeton University apointed this material as a possible successor to silicon in the manufacture of computers. With Moore's Law to reach slowly to its limits, the search for alternatives has led to new paths with the graphene make a serious candidate. Since then there have been significant developments, however, something seems to change.

A team from the University of California at Los Angeles announced that it managed to build a transistor by graphene, which operates at speeds that can reach the silicon. The speedometer stopped at 300GHz, a number nearly double the performance of silicone. Theoretically, the rate may rise significantly and reach up to 1THz. According to researchers, beyond the speed, the construction of such a transistor has higher costs of production from materials currently used.

Of course, building a high performance transistor is far from a processor made by graphene. There is still a long way for researchers and a number of obstacles to overcome. For example, one of the big bets is to get graphene to satisfactory levels of resistance.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Archos launches 5 new android tablets

Archos, the company that pioneered the field of tablet now officially announced the new generation 8 Android tablets. These will replace the 2 generation 7 that Archos 7 home tablet and 5 internet tablet. The new series consists of five devices with screens 2.8 "3.2" 4.3 "7" 10.1 "and price 99 €, 149 €, 199 €, 279, 299 €.

It is worth noting that they all include wi-fi, android OS froyo 2.2 and except cpu (arm cortex A8) hold they also have gpu graphics accelerator supporting OpenGL 2.0.

The Amiga Comeback!

In the early 90s, the Amiga name was synonymous with absolute fun. The older ones remember that Amiga was a computer that quickly became a powerful on-time data-game console. Of course, nothing lasts forever. The Amiga came into the dustbin of history in 1994 when the parent company went bankrupt.

The bankruptcy of Commodore signaled the definitive end of the Amiga and started somewhere supremacy of PCs and Windows. It seems, however, that some are not willing to let Amiga be forgotten. The Commodore USA announced that it has acquired the rights to Amiga brand and preparing a reissue of the legendary gaming, which runs a variant of AmigaOS!

Of course, in practice things are not so simple because the fall of 1994 marked the Commodore endless litigation relating to intellectual property of the company. Since then many companies involved in the matter and until now nobody knows what has shaped the landscape. Commodore USA wants to release the new Amiga is a relatively new company and it is doubtful that it has the potential to achieve its ambitions.

It would, however, be very interesting to look again at the historic gaming and why not? Her great rival who listened to the name Atari ST.

Kaspersky Lab identified a new type of Worm that spreads through Instant Messaging

Kaspersky Lab announces that it has identified a new family of malicious software worm. What distinguishes these worms is that they use many different languages and that can infect computers directly to users through a large number of platforms instant messaging, which is very unusual for this type of malware. The Kaspersky Lab experts have observed that the worms are widely used platforms Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, Paltalk Messenger, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, and the platform XFirepou predominantly used by users of online gaming.

Four variants of this worm have been detected by Kaspersky Lab specialists today. The name «IM-Worm.Win32.Zeroll» has been given to this family of malicious programs. Once the worms are infiltrating a user's computer, look at the list of contacts is located on the messagingkai applications instant distraction. To infect a computer, the worms are using a link that supposedly leads to an interesting picture. In fact, the link leads to a malicious file. The spread is via instant messaging from computers that have already been raised.

The fact that this new family of worms can use multiple languages is something that sets it apart from other similar programs. Specifically, the worms of the family of IM-Worm.Win32.Zeroll using 13 different languages, including English, German, Spanish and Portuguese, to send messages to users from different countries. So far, most attacks have occurred in Mexico, Brazil, Peru and the U.S., there have been several incidents in Africa and India but also in countries of Europe - especially Spain.

Malware family IM-Worm.Win32.Zeroll can gain control of a computer without the user realizing it. Just invade the computer communicate with a remote command and control center. After receiving commands from the center channel through Internet Relay Chat (IRC), they download other malicious programs. It is interesting that this new type of worm is associated with various channels of IRC, depending on the country and each platform instant messaging. This means that the hacker has control of a network of infected computers can make a classification based on the country and the platform and to send different commands to computers. This feature is especially useful to criminals on the Internet for activities such as targeted attacks spam.

"It seems that the creators of this worm are at an early stage of the criminal activity. Currently infect as many computers can, so then hire "services" to other unscrupulous attacks on pay per install, spam, etc., "said Dmitry Bestuzhev, Regional Expert for Latin America of Kaspersky Lab.

Note that all solutions of Kaspersky Lab detected and successfully undermined the variations of this new family of worm.

Addicted gamer wins first battle against NC Interactive

Craig Smallwood filed a lawsuit against NC Interactive, accusing her to be responsible for the psychosocial disorders caused by long hours of practice of the Lineage II. As in all such cases, the company tried to put an early end to the case, citing the terms of use of the game. The judge, however, refused to put the file.

The archive EULA (End-User License Agreement) in Lineage II stated that the company has no liability for damage may be caused to the user from the game. In most cases, this statement is enough to reject the reason of a company. However, Smallwood was able to use the labyrinthine legal status of U.S. variations from state to state. The lawsuit was filed in the state of Hawaii (where the complainant resides), and the court held that both the Law of Hawaii, and that Texas (where the company is based) have not accepted the advance waiver of liability.

In short, Smallwood was able to keep the case alive and might eventually lead the NC Interactive in court rooms.

The complainant reports a series of symptoms, which attaches to 20,000 hours spent in the game. Among other things, argues that the emotional disturbance caused by the Lineage II does not allow longer to get dressed, washed and communicate with those around him. He adds that not long ago he was admitted to psychiatric hospital and up to now follows three therapy sessions per week.