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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Increasingly dangerous is the last security hole in Windows

I wrote a few days ago about a serious security hole in Windows that is associated with the operating system shortcuts. It appears that this "hole" Windows is becoming very popular with the public involved in creating malware. Recent days have found at least two new types of malware exploiting this loophole.

ESET has released figures for Chymine-A trojan, a keylogger to record keystrokes, and the Autorun-VB-RP worm renewed to use this space as a method of infection. In parallel, the Trend Micro warns that this hole can be a backdoor for many types of threats.

Microsoft has not released yet the relevant corrective patch. The fact that the security hole was found in the core makes it difficult to tackle it. The patch is not likely to be released on August 10th, so it will be the next monthly update package for Windows.

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