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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You can't "break" the PlayStation 3 anymore!

Finally it appears that Sony has managed to put an end to PS3 Jailbreak even at record speed. Only a few days after the court victory in Australia, which banned the disposal of the relevant USB dongle, it's number and software version of Jailbreak. A firmware update was enough to be past the "break" of the PlayStation 3.

In the release notes that Sony says update 3.42 includes "additional safety features, without entering into details. Some argue that there is a proxy tool that allows connection to PlayStation Network with firmware 3.41, but they will most likely close this "hole" in the coming days.

Sony has shown impressive reflexes upon hearing the news that the PlayStation 3 "broke." The operations of the company reacted quickly and finished off the PS3 remains the only modern console that has not been delivered to the system of pirates.

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