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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rumors for a 256-bit memory interface in Radeon HD 6700

The year is coming to an end, this means new graphics cards from AMD. Officially, of course, the company has not announced anything about the technical specifications of new products, but the discussions on the upcoming Radeon HD 6000 give and take. The most recent reputation speaks for a significant strengthening of the cards that are the middle class.

Those who know little about the cards AMD, know that the Radeon HD 5700 that currently exist have 128-bit memory interface, which coupled with GDDR5 memory bandwidth gives the order of 76.8Gb / s in the case of 5770. The information indicates that the cards Radeon HD 6700 series will have 256-bit memory interface, which leads to better performance.

Maybe AMD wants to prevent leaks to the side of the integrated solutions CPU-GPU. Strengthening the middle class cards offer an extra weapon in the battle with the coming of Sandy Bridge by Intel, who have graphics performance similar to the Radeon HD 5450.

To be clear, however, those are rumors for now and nothing should be assumed by the Communications of AMD.

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