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Friday, September 17, 2010

Unexpected changes in piracy court case

From early 2010 until today, the US Copyright Group has sued over 14,000 individuals in the U.S.. The body reproaching defendants for breach of copyright law, and there is evidence that participating in P2P networks and was distributed movies, music, etc. However, this latest development probably was not the shots of the US Copyright Group.

Approximately 4,000 defendants are currently in court in Washington, which considers the option to download the movie Far Cry. Many, however, decided to fight back and are now calling the US Copyright Group to cover their own costs. The rationale is that none of them lives or works in Washington, and neither the ISPs are based in the capital of the USA.

The lawyers for the defendants argue that the prosecutor could easily identify the location of the accused and legal action in that area. Claim, even the example of IP, which used to be exercised by a prosecution. With a simple check reveals that this IP is owned by Cox (based in Atlanta), while the accused woman lives in a suburb of Las Vegas. Therefore, there is no reason to do the trial in Washington, according to lawyers, hence the request to cover costs from the complainant.

Obviously, the US Copyright Group opted for a mass trial in Washington in order to avoid the costs associated with the identification of each defendant, but the filing of separate lawsuits 14.000 in various U.S. courts. It remains to be seen whether Judge Rosemary Collyer, in which case has been assigned Far Cry, will accept what the defense Legal circles indicate that this court is very sensitive to issues of jurisdiction and might ultimately the decision is negative for US Copyright Group.

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