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Friday, September 3, 2010

Facebook is more ... Twitter-like

A new feature will be added soon to all accounts of Facebook. The new feature called Stalk this friend and allows each user to monitor the updates of specific accounts that are in the friends list or fan pages selected by the button Like. Currently, Stalk this friend is in the testing stage.

With this new option, the user will receive notifications (notifications) whenever a friend "under observation" writes something on his behalf. Thus, apart from the usual reference in the flow of News Feed, the user will have immediate access to the accounts of their choice through the notices and will depend on the time of the "interception" write / upload something on Facebook.

In this way, Facebook managers are attempting to "borrow" features from Twitter, which is currently the most popular tool for monitoring specific individuals.

Although the substance of the Stalk this friend does not change anything on the issue of security arrangements should assume that it would trigger a new round of protests from those who blame Facebook that does not respect the confidentiality of personal data.

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