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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The world wide web is a dump

The global network is loaded with links that lead nowhere.

The Internet is a huge garbage dump filled with Unused images, blogs, websites - almost everything imaginable, forgotten. And nobody cares enough to clean them, hoping that by some magical way it will self heal after years of neglect.

I've tried more new products and services that sprang from the '90s. Recently I tried Posterous, one of the hottest and rapidly emerging services. Put simply, you send something through email to them-whatever it is, and they raise their own servers giving you a URL to share it with anyone.

The allegation that the agency responds instantly, is far from reality. I tried the service using my personal email. I gave up after half an hour. And I tried with my gmail. Just 20 minutes later I had the answer and my picture went online.

This photo is somewhere on a server and withered, like most things on the Internet. Eventually I enrolled in Facebook under a pseudonym and never used it again. It is useless junk that is still on a server. I should have at least a half dozen blogs that I started some time and since then I've forgotten.

Yahoo made the right move in deciding to close the Geocities and the servers, earning offline all this rubbish. For some important pages that procedure was a blow, but through all this garbage that the agency has collected all these years, it was impossible to save.

I know some of the pages I had to Blogger disappeared after the acquisition by Google. I lost a full backup of all contacts when an "always free" site closed. I can not access my account in Flickr since acquired by Yahoo. Examples follow each other at an ever-growing collection of rubbish, missed pages and dead ends. Additional services such as Posterous, Reddit and Twitter also lost. Does anyone use LiveJournal;

Instead of complaining, you need to begin to clean in a way that works. The personal responsibility of everyone is not enough to accomplish the job. I think this whole volume of information must be filed in a closed internet, read-only, so we can study it and organize it properly.

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