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Friday, September 3, 2010

Powerful processor for smartphones from ARM

ARM announced that it managed to build a new version of the processor Cortex A9, using the method of integration of 28 nanometers. The new processor is the fruit of collaboration between ARM and GlobalFoundries, the company formed after the split of AMD into two companies. The reduction in nanometer radically changes the performance of the A9.

The new model is dual-and according to ARM, the initial operating frequency is 2GHz, but with a change in voltaz can go up to the impressive speed of 2.8GHz.

Without doubt, ARM makes show of force with the new Cortex A9 and throw down the gauntlet to Intel, which is preparing to enter the market of smartphones with new processor Atom.

So far there is no indication of when to get into line, the new processor, so we can not predict when we will see the first smartphones / tablets based on powerful product.

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