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Friday, September 17, 2010

Special editions of Sandy Bridge for overclockers

It has long been known that Intel has decided to significantly reduce the potential for overclocking processors Sandy Bridge, "tying" and other subsystems of the processor at the same clock. Fortunately, however, for overclockers, it seems to move around and modified models, which will have multiplier unlocked and available for experimentation.

The order K of Sandy Bridge will include models with identical "normal", the only difference being the unlocked multiplier (and the price, of course). Within the IDF carried out in San Francisco, Intel has made an initial demonstration of a Sandy Bridge K, who arrived in the frequency of 4.9GHz and with cooling by air. Those present said that the cooler used was very similar to the stock cooler of the Core i7 980X.

Not announced what exactly was the Sandy Bridge used on the show, but most are betting that this is the Core i7 2600K, with factory frequency 3.4GHz. If true, we are talking about overclocking the order of 45% air, which leaves many promises for the future.

So far, no information on an even Sandy Bridge K, beyond 2600, the Core i5 2500K. Rumors, in fact, indicate that prices will move in the range of $ 230 for a "small" processor and $ 350 for "great".

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