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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The ultimate PC for gamers

Origin PC announced a new computer, which is in a class of its own, and largely escapes the bounds of conventional PC. The savage computer called Big O, includes technical features awe-inspiring. But its great advantage is neither the processor nor the memory nor the graphics card.
Besides the "usual" hardware, the Big O hiding on the outside of a full Xbox 360 Slim (!), Which has a water cooling. Thus, the user can play the Halo 3 one time and another StarCraft II through the same machine. The pride of Origin PC is available in two configurations, which have differences in hardware.

The large model costs $ 17,000 and includes two processors Xeon X5680 yperchronismenous at 4.3GHz, four GeForce GTX 480, 12GB memory, two feeders, each with attributes 1kW, solid-state drive 200GB and two hard drives with a capacity of 2TB each.
The small (so to speak) model has a value of $ 7,669 and replaces the two Xeon processors with a humble Core i7 930.

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