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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fujitsu announced that eventually overcame difficulties in designing the mechanism for charging wireless electronic devices and how they intend to use this technology to products marketed in 2012.

The general idea that has preoccupied many companies and organizations such as Intel and MIT, is the ability to charge a device with the simple installation of a surface (eg a house) without using cables. But Fujitsu has more ambitious plans: to transmit power into the box of a computer or to charge an electric car.

Since 2006 Fujitsu Labarotaries is studying a technology called "magnetic resonance" which exploits the magnetic induction with coil use. But in the course, they came upon several difficulties because there are, of course, different problems from other electronic devices that are inside the computer and general electronic equipment to be charge. For small devices, increases the density of devices, increasing the difficulty of implementation.

The technique has been tested for performance-within range of the charger-85% according to the company, in 150 tests.

"What Fujitsu Labarotaries did, is to develop a technology that dramatically reduces the time needed to design wireless chargers and also allow the optimization of the design" , the company announced.

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