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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Amiga Comeback!

In the early 90s, the Amiga name was synonymous with absolute fun. The older ones remember that Amiga was a computer that quickly became a powerful on-time data-game console. Of course, nothing lasts forever. The Amiga came into the dustbin of history in 1994 when the parent company went bankrupt.

The bankruptcy of Commodore signaled the definitive end of the Amiga and started somewhere supremacy of PCs and Windows. It seems, however, that some are not willing to let Amiga be forgotten. The Commodore USA announced that it has acquired the rights to Amiga brand and preparing a reissue of the legendary gaming, which runs a variant of AmigaOS!

Of course, in practice things are not so simple because the fall of 1994 marked the Commodore endless litigation relating to intellectual property of the company. Since then many companies involved in the matter and until now nobody knows what has shaped the landscape. Commodore USA wants to release the new Amiga is a relatively new company and it is doubtful that it has the potential to achieve its ambitions.

It would, however, be very interesting to look again at the historic gaming and why not? Her great rival who listened to the name Atari ST.

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