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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Google: "The new Chrome will be up to 60 times faster"

It is normal for any company to add further when referring to the benefits of its products, in this case however Google has surpassed all records. Nothing more, nothing less than the engineer Google James Robinson argued that Chrome 7 will be up to 60 times faster (!) From Chrome 6. Watch out, not 60% faster, 60 times faster than Chrome circulating now.

Of course, no one can easily believe that such an improvement is possible from one version to another. The Google, however, argues that such things as the graphics performance is much better through hardware acceleration. In addition, company engineers are working feverishly to improve the three-dimensional display graphics.

Under the fee schedule for renewal of Chrome, we should expect the new version very soon. In combination, even with the new Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4, the battle of the browsers will be very interesting in the near future.

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