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Friday, September 17, 2010

Intel: "The smartphones of tomorrow will be a real big help"

Speaking at the Intel Developer Forum being held in San Francisco, the head of Intel's technology section has a picture of how the company imagines its smartphones in the not too distant future. The Justin Rattner said that smartphones would eventually have an active role and work to serve the owner.

The Rattner talked about devices that will be "trained" based on the user's habits and be able to aftenergisoun to meet their needs, in some cases before they arise. Within the next five years, smartphones will know what is happening in other user devices (PC, tablet, etc.) and can utilize this information.

During his speech, Rattner showed an application of Fodor, which operates in the tourism industry. This application works as a tour guide, who suggested to the user various activities, depending on the location, the money can provide, restaurants, etc. preferred And all this without the user interaction.

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