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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pirate ISP

Pirate ISP is a new broadband provider which promises to provide complete anonymity to its users. The Swedish "party" of pirates, Piratpartiet, who is based in the European Parliament and the political program is limited to combat any attempt to impose laws to protect intellectual property, and decided to get at the ISPs! Having first made their hospitality [and hence the coverage requirements in bandwidth] of the famous torrent site "The Pirate Bay", the Piratpartiet will participate actively in the "Pirate ISP". Of course, the Pirate Party not only took over hosting of The Pirate Bay, but will use "immunity" to provide legal cover to the administrators.

The Pirate ISP is a new provider of broadband, which promises to offer complete anonymity to its users, while its revenues to finance the needs of the party. Gustav Nipe, student finances, a founding member of the party and CEO of The Pirate ISP said that motivation to launch the operation is to find a way to change this society of "Big Brother".
The first promising steps [in the ideological level] providers are small and ... humble. The beta testing the service for 100 residents of Lund, while the short-term objective is to catch the 5% of the market in this city of 100,000 inhabitants before expanding nationwide.

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