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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Technological advances from Canon

Canon announced the successful manufacture of CMOS image sensor size of APS-H1, with the possibility of image analysis about 120 megapixel (13,280 x 9,184 pixel), which is the highest level analysis of this size.

The new sensor, compared with commercial CMOS high resolution of the same size with about 16.1 million pixel, is able to analyze about 120 million pixel, is 7.5 times larger and offers 2.4 times more improved analysis.

With sensors CMOS, and although achieved rapid reading of large numbers of pixel through parallel processing, the increase in measured signal of parallel processing can cause problems such as delays in the signal or a minor deviation. By modifying the method used to control the time reading circuit, Canon succeeded in making rapid read sensor. As a result, the new CMOS sensor allows the maximum output speed at about 9.5 frames per second, maintaining a continuous viewing extremely high resolution.

The new sensor also features Canon's video output and the possibility of Full HD (1.920 x 1.080 pixel). The sensor can play Full HD video from any department, covering the 1 / 16 of total projection surface.

The images captured with the new CMOS sensor Canon's 120 megapixel maintain the highest resolution and purity, even if cut or digitally magnified. Additionally, the sensor allows confirmation of the image through a wide area of an image viewing Full HD video selected portion of the total frame.

Mr. Drossos, Director of Marketing Intersys AE ( said "Canon has a new record in expression image, aiming for photos whose quality will exceed those made with film and videos that will make use of the unique advantages of machines SLR, and especially of easy transportation and the expressive power offered by the lens rotation. "

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