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Friday, September 3, 2010

Transistors made from graphene has reached 300GHz

The term grafini was heard for the first time in 2007 when researchers from Princeton University apointed this material as a possible successor to silicon in the manufacture of computers. With Moore's Law to reach slowly to its limits, the search for alternatives has led to new paths with the graphene make a serious candidate. Since then there have been significant developments, however, something seems to change.

A team from the University of California at Los Angeles announced that it managed to build a transistor by graphene, which operates at speeds that can reach the silicon. The speedometer stopped at 300GHz, a number nearly double the performance of silicone. Theoretically, the rate may rise significantly and reach up to 1THz. According to researchers, beyond the speed, the construction of such a transistor has higher costs of production from materials currently used.

Of course, building a high performance transistor is far from a processor made by graphene. There is still a long way for researchers and a number of obstacles to overcome. For example, one of the big bets is to get graphene to satisfactory levels of resistance.

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