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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The first NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450

NVIDIA brings to market the first GeForce GTS 450, with simultaneous release of the cooperating companies Asus, EVGA, Palit, MSI and Calibre, extending the range of DirectX11, downward and covering a larger number of users. Frequencies kernel / CUDA cores / memory in 783MHz/1566MHz/3606MHz respectively, a total of 192 CUDA cores to 4 Streaming Multiprocessors, is expected to offer competitive performance over the implementations of ATI, which at the same price levels.

There are also 32 texture units and 16 ROP, the memory bus width is 128-bit, with a bandwidth of 57,7 GB / sec, while the maximum amount that can manage 1GB is GDDR5.The TDP of the GPU, amounts to 106Watt, point which seems to be the main drawback of the design of newer cards Nvidia, something which is associated with 1.17 million transistors needed for its completion in conjunction with the lithography method used, which is on 40nm. The big advantage seems to be the great overclocking potential ...

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