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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Processors Zacate from AMD are faster than the Core i5

AMD, presented a modern platform Zacate, argues that the new generation of APU's performance over a Core i5 and even used two demo to prove its allegations. These processors feature integrated GPU, and is the result of the Fusion architecture and core Llano, facing delays in the difficulty of lithography 32nm, as well as being its youngest members.

The claim that the newer chip is to perform better than the last generation of processors from Intel, based on two demos and a sample of Zacate, who had two cores Bobcat, but to provide more information . In the adversary system was a Core i5, with a core speed of 2,4 GHz. In the demo of Internet Explorer 9 called "Pyschedelic Browsing" The difference was really chaotic. The second presentation was based on the game City of Heroes, by simple movement of the character to take an average number of frames per second. The performance of the Core i5 was the order of 15-20 fps, while Zacate exceeded 30 fps.Although the most likely release date is in early 2011, so far there is no official announcement. More information and presentations are due in November.

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