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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Czech Republic puts a brake on the fleet of Google Street View

Extension of Street View in the Czech Republic meets obstacles. According to the service of personal data in the Czech Republic, the company has not received the necessary authorization for these activities. They declined for the second time a license to Google, saying the process could "potentially" be bad for the country.

The fleet of Google has begun collecting data since April, but the data authority does not believe it meets the necessary requirements. Similar reactions exist throughout Europe, including Germany, where courts have proven that citizens have the right to request removal of images from the site. Citizens of the Czech Republic have been able to request their faces blurred, but raised many questions about other information, such as car registration, etc.

Google's response is that "we respect those decisions", but believes that the matter has not ended and will continue trying to find a solution in the near future.

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