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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Intel sets the target on the 15 nanometer

Certainly, discussion of processors that will be manufactured by the method of 15 nm is quite early, but this has not stopped Intel to make a first reference to the Atom of the future. During the Intel Developer Forum, company executives showed a slide that talks about many of 15nm processors in the coming years.

As is about 22 nanometers, Intel announced it would release four Atom for netbooks, four for nettops, four for smartphones, three, etc. CE for televisions and five Atom E, which included mainly cars. Beyond that, will release more models in all categories when the integration method lowered to 15 nanometers. This, however, that it says Intel-and quite logically, is when they will release these processors.

Beyond the demonstration of power, reduction of nanometers is very crucial factor in portable devices. Fewer nanometers generally means less energy consumption and therefore longer battery life, a variable of paramount importance to a portable device.

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