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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Intel unveils technical information for the Sandy Bridge

Intel disclosed technical information for the Sandy Bridge processors in IDF 2010, rekindling the battle of processors APU. The Sandy Bridge is the first generation of processors from Intel to incorporate the same die, CPU and GPU, unlike Westmere who had two separate die on the same chip. This allows two channels to share the cache, speeding up cooperation, but increasing energy efficiency.

"In a single chip, we gathered all the critical functions needed for computers. This is a very important chip for Intel." says Chief Executive of Intel Paul Otellini.

The new processors maintain their PCI Express controller that existed in the Nehalem and Westmere, but add a DisplayPort controller, but does not support DirectX 11. They will use dual channel DDR3 memory controller and rumors indicate that we will use a new socket, the LGA 1155, not confirmed by Intel.

In more technical features identify the AVX [Advanced Vector Extensions], a new set of commands increases performance parallel processing processes commonly used by multimedia applications. In addition doubles the range of floating point variables in the 256-bit, and implemented a new ring bus, which connects the core with cache, offering amazing bandwidth of 384GB/sec.

Finally it is noteworthy that the technology will affect Turboboost and GPU, giving extra power and fps for 10 to 20 seconds.

The Sandy Bridge will be the last processors to be manufactured with the technical integration lithography 32nm high-k metal gate second generation, and will follow Ivy Bridge being built on 22nm. The first Sandy Bridge will be released early next year.

So apparently in 2011, the battle will be between the Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer.

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